CNN’s Cuomo: Protesting and church attendance are different. ‘If people couldn’t protest’…’you’d have chaos’.

CNN’s Cuomo: Protesting and church attendance are different.
‘If people couldn’t protest’…’you’d have chaos’. 1

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WASHINGTON, DC – It all went down in recent CNN coverage of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

The CNN host apparently had enough of people comparing rioting and going to church.  Cuomo said the two had “nothing to do” with each other. 

Since May, when George Floyd died in police custody, mainly large metropolitan areas have been under siege and torn apart by members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others who want to destroy property, steal whatever they can, and harm well over a hundred officers

Meanwhile, democratic leaders are urging church going American’s to stay home over the pandemic.

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Cuomo, the brother of New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, believes that one should be allowed and the other continued to be stopped. 

His insane rationale? 

That if the democratic leaders in those areas stood up and ended the nightly violence, it would somehow cause “chaos.”  Apparently, he is preaching the democrat talking point that the riots and looting are nothing more than peaceful protests. 

What seemed to start Cuomo on his thought was when a clip was aired from the founder of Turning Points USA Charlie Kirk’s speech at the Republican National Convention when he spoke how churches, schools, and values needed to be protected. 

Kirk said that President Trump needed to ensure that those venues were protected from what he called a “vengeful mob.” 

Cuomo said:

“I feel badly for [Kirk] that he believes that that’s the world he lives in, that he’s kept from going to church.  Why?  Because of a pandemic.  I want to go to church.  I miss going to church.  I understand there’s a pandemic.  You know who else does?  My priest understands it.”

We won’t even go into the hypocrisy of fake Christians attending worship services.

Apparently, the hypocrisy is lost to Cuomo as with all democratic leaders that somehow it is perfectly acceptable to join up with your friendly neighborhood criminal and burn down buildings, try to burn down a police station with officers inside, and steal anything that is not bolted down. 

Why is it that those criminals are somehow immune from getting or passing the virus, yet people exercising all safety measures will spread the disease?

To answer this question, Cuomo said:

“One has nothing to do with the other.  You are dealing with people who are responding in this country to outrageous acts of social injustice.  To say, ‘Oh it’s the same as going to church,’ no, it isn’t.” 

Well, Cuomo is absolutely right in part of this statement, that part when he says that being allowed to riot is not the same thing as going to church. 

When people go to riot, they cause harm, both property and human. 

There are reported cases every night in which these criminals, from Black Lives Matter to Antifa, are intentionally striking officers, trying to blind them with lasers, and even in the most extreme cases, lock them in a building while setting it on fire.  You’re absolutely right Cuomo, there is nothing in common with the two.

People who are wanting to go to church to worship are peaceful, they are not trying to kill police officers.  They are listening to the preachings of their church leadership about forgiveness and Godliness. 

They are not gathering together and causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage, they are not advocating for further violence or reparations by stealing. 

And Cuomo’s point:

“If you told people they couldn’t protest, if you invoked martial law about these types of situations, you would have chaos,” clearly misses the mark. 

There has been chaos in democratic led cities since the end of May.  How could any responsible so called journalist not report on the facts of what are happening instead of spreading another democratic talking point?

This is a great opportunity to flash back to April, when the hypocrite got called out about breaking quarantine:

EAST HAMPTON, NY – Apparently, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus bout is also giving him some serious anger issues. A bicyclist who had a run-in with Cuomo on Long Island last weekend has filed a police report against the far-left opinion host and described “Fredo” Cuomo as a “bully,” according to the New York Post.

The man, who only wanted to be identified by his first name “David” was blasted on Cuomo’s radio show on Sirus/XM as a “jackass loser fat-tire biker.” Now, one could assume by listening to Cuomo’s rant that the “biker” was maybe riding a Harley or some bad-ass motorcyle, or something along those lines. Turns out the “biker” was in fact riding a bicycle.

“Sometimes he’s scary stupid,” David, an East Hampton resident said of Cuomo.

On Monday night, Fredo went into a tirade on his radio program, going on about how he didn’t like what he did for a living anymore, and then transgressed into a fit about a run-in he’d had on Easter Sunday with the “biker.” Now mind you, Cuomo, who was diagnosed with coronavirus, was supposed to be on a 14-day quarantine. Apparently, not so much.

The confrontation occurred outside Cuomo’s property where he was with his family. He is apparently building a home on the lot. Cuomo has been broadcasting his nightly CNN program from the basement of his home and has been keeping his viewer(s) up to date on his progress in dealing with the coronavirus.

David was riding by Cuomo’s property when he saw Cuomo, who was supposed to be quarantined. David said something to Cuomo. Cuomo, clearly a legend in his own mind, said on his radio program, that due to having money and fame he couldn’t tell the guy to “go to hell.”

“I don’t want some jackass, loser, fat-tire biker being able to pull over and get in my space and talk busllsh*t to me, I don’t want to hear it,” Cuomo whined.

“I want to be able to tell you to go to hell, to shut your mouth…I don’t get that doing what I do for a living; me being able to tell you to shut your mouth or I will do you the way you guys do each other.”

In his statement to the Post, David said he was stunned about the verbal attack that Cuomo launched on him.

David, 65, said he was out for a bike ride just before Easter dinner when he saw someone whom he believed to be Chris Cuomo on property that he said the CNN anchor bought in East Hampton last year. The property is still being developed, although the steel frame for a house is all that is up at the moment, David said.

Cuomo was with his wife, another woman and three kids who were playing around on the property, David said.

David related that he stopped and was sitting on his bike “well over a hundred feet” from the property.

“I just looked and said, ‘Is that Chris Cuomo? Isn’t he supposed to be quarantined?’”

On Tuesday, Cuomo was pining about how he was still suffering from a low-grade fever and feared that his wife is now showing signs of the virus. It was reported earlier Thursday that in fact she has been diagnosed with the virus.

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The Post reported that one of two women, believed to be Cuomo’s wife approached him and said, “Can I help you?”

David said he replied, “I’m riding my bike.”

He then asked why Cuomo was out there not in quarantine and not social-distancing from the other people in his party.

At this time, Cuomo walked over to where he was, David said to him, “Your brother is the coronavirus czar and you’re not even following his rules—unnecessary travel,” The Hill reported.

“Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!” David said Cuomo was on a rant, screaming, “I’ll find out who you are! This is not the end of this. You’ll deal with this later. We will meet again!”

David said, “If that’s not a threat, I don’t know what is.”

Clearly, David was trying to get under Cuomo’s skin, however as a public personality, Cuomo should have thicker skin.

David waited, but then decided to file a police report with the East Hampton police on Monday afternoon.

“I hate bullies,” he said.

Initially the police department were not very accommodating of his complaint, he said. He noted he got “huge pushback” from the police over filing the report.

However by Tuesday morning, when media outlets had become aware of the incident, “the police had a whole different attitude,” David said.

David said he asked the officer who was assigned to his case if he had seen the report about Cuomo’s radio rant, to which the officer replied, “Yes we have.”

The officer then said, “I think you’ll like what we’ve written,” referring to the police report that had been filed.

David noted that he is a lifelong Democrat and in fact had voted for Andrew Cuomo for governor. He said that he is not currently planning on pressing charges against Chris Cuomo, at least for now.

He said, if “I get any more feeling that this guy is a threat to me,” he might reconsider but said for now he just wanted to get something “on the record.”

The Hill said they reached out to the East Hampton Police Department and SiriusXM, the latter of which referred them to CNN for comment, although none was received from either entity.

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