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Cartoons: Barr testifies | MLB’s coronavirus delay | Biden’s lead over Trump

Cartoons: Barr testifies | MLB’s coronavirus delay | Biden’s
lead over Trump 1

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Barr defends aggressive federal response to protests

Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday railed against what he called rioters in Portland, Oregon, in combative testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in Congress.

In his testimony, he denied comparisons between the federal government’s law enforcement tactics and those used by oppressive regimes, such as Nicholas Maduro’s in Venezuela. The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is now investigating the use of force and other tactics by federal agents in Portland and Washington D.C., who have broken limbs, pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed protesters denouncing the May 25 police killing of George Floyd.

More than a dozen Miami Marlins players test positive for COVID-19, jeopardizing MLB season

The league temporarily suspended the Miami Marlins’ season through Sunday because of the outbreak. The three remaining games in this week’s New York Yankees-Philadelphia Phillies series were also postponed Tuesday.

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Our sports columnist blames MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for allowing to develop in the first place: “If Major League Baseball had a commissioner with gumption and foresight instead of a well-paid stooge for the league’s ghoulish team owners, this could have been prevented,” writes Dieter Kurtenbach.

Biden leads in three battleground states

President Donald Trump won Arizona, Florida and Michigan in 2016, though his Democratic rival now leads polling in those states, according to CNN. Trump’s slump has been attributed to his handling of racial inequality and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Police: Hells Angel sparked Minneapolis riots after Floyd’s death
A George Floyd hologram will light up the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond tonight

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