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A firefighter claimed he had COVID-19 and took weeks off. But he allegedly went to a resort.

A firefighter claimed he had COVID-19 and took weeks off.
But he allegedly went to a resort. 1

A Dallas firefighter is facing felony theft charges after claiming he and his family members tested positive for COVID-19 and taking weeks of paid leave when he apparently went to a resort. 

William Jordan Carter, 38, requested leave from work in March after he claimed his wife tested positive for COVID-19, according to an arrest warrant affidavit from the Dallas Police Department. A week later, he claimed that his daughter tested positive for the virus, which gave him additional paid leave. 

But days before he was supposed to return to work, Carter told Deputy Chief Lauren Johnson that he tested positive for COVID-19. When she asked for a copy of his test results, he allegedly told her that he had not actually been tested for the disease, but “he thought he may have had it.”  

Carter also could not provide test results for his wife and daughter, according to the affidavit. 

City officials confirmed in court documents that Carter received a total of $12,548.86 during his leave.  

But law enforcement who subpoenaed Carter’s bank records found that he spent nearly $1,400 at the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas, during his time off.  

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The affidavit states that after Johnson asked Carter for documentation of his family’s alleged infections, she asked the man “if any of this was true” and he stated ‘I guess not.’”  

“What made you do this,” Johnson asked him, to which he responded “Greed, I guess,” according to the document.   

Johnson asked Carter if he lied about him and his family testing positive for COVID-19 “just so you wouldn’t have to go to work,” and he allegedly responded “yes.”  

Dallas Police Department Detective Lee Allen wrote in the affidavit, “Suspect Carter took advantage of recommendations for First Responders to not report to work if they tested positive or became exposed to a person confirmed positive for COVID-19, with whom they lived.”  

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Carter was arrested on Friday and charged with felony theft. His bail was set at $1,500, although he is no longer in custody.

Dallas Fire-Rescue placed Carter on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.  

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