Moderna Admits Their COVID-19 Vaccine Only Lasts For 6 Months, Booster Jab Will ‘Likely Be Necessary’

Moderna Admits Their COVID-19 Vaccine Only Lasts For 6
Months, Booster Jab Will ‘Likely Be Necessary’ 1

During an earnings call, Moderna seemed to admit that their COVID-19 vaccine only lasts for 6 months, adding that a third “booster” shot will “likely be necessary” due to the Delta variant, which experts have compared to hay fever or the common cold.

Moderna released a statement on Thursday claiming that their COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness “does not wane in the first 6 months after the second dose,” reported the New York Times. However, Moderna appeared to change their tune during an earnings call shortly after, claiming that booster shots would be necessary this fall to curb the Delta variant, which experts have previously compared to hay fever and the common cold, as National File reported.

“We believe a dose three of a booster will likely be necessary to keep us as safe as possible through the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere,” said Moderna President Dr. Stephen Hoge during the call. The piece also pointed out the Pfizer and BioNTech report of their own mRNA vaccine durability, which showed that the estimated effectiveness of the vaccines decline more than 12% after 6 months. One notable revelation from the New York Times report was that the strength of the antibodies against variants “waned substantially by six months after the second dose,” for those who have received the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.

The New York Times report noted that countries like Germany, France, and Israel have already begun administering booster shots to their citizens to “to bolster their immunity in the face of a Delta-driven surge in cases,” adding that the Biden Administration is “considering a similar strategy.” As of recently, thousands of German citizens have taken to the streets en masse to protest against the government’s new tyrannical coronavirus restrictions, and have been subject to violent police brutality in response. A similar situation can also be seen in France, with thousands of French citizens protesting Emmanuel Macron’s COVID passport. Israel has just reimposed coronavirus restrictions, with rumors of a second full lockdown circulating as officials suggest that it all depends on vaccination rates.

In the United States, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is set to announce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all active duty troops at the direction of Joe Biden, according to a report from CNN. “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to seek authorization to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for all active duty troops as soon as this week, following President Joe Biden’s directive that the military examine how and when it could make that happen,” CNN reported. In New York, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will begin requiring proof of vaccination – what many have termed a vaccine passport – to eat inside restaurants, go inside gyms, and visit entertainment venues. New Yorkers must present their “Excelsior Pass”, a vaccine passport presented on smartphones, to enter many indoor venues, as National File reported.

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