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brita 26 ounce water bottle

Brita 26 oz Water Filter Bottle

Brita Water Filter Bottle 1
  • GREAT-TASTING WATER: This premium water bottle filters as you drink, reducing Chlorine (taste & odor) found in tap water.
  • FILTERED WATER ANYWHERE: This sleek, car cup holder friendly premium 26-ounce bottle, makes it easy to enjoy filtered water at home, the office, a sporting event or on a trip abroad.
  • CONVENIENT HYDRATION: Featuring durable, BPA-free, hard-sided plastic, built-in carrying loop, one-handed push button lid, and enclosed straw, this filtering bottle provides effortless hydration anywhere.
  • REDUCE & SAVE: One water bottle filter can replace up to 300 standard 16.9 ounce single-use plastic bottles. Stay hydrated, save money, and reduce plastic waste.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This filtering water bottle is top rack dishwasher safe. For best results, filter should be replaced every 40 gallons or every two months.
$46.00  in stock
as of January 28, 2023 5:23 pm

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Brita 36390 Premium Water Filter Bottles, 26oz, Orchid
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Brita 36389 Premium Water Filter Bottles, Coral
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Brita 26 Ounce Premium Filtering Water Bottle with Filter BPA Free - Clear
out of stock
as of January 28, 2023 5:23 pm

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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay,
  • At you can purchase Brita Premium 26 oz Orchid Purple BPA Free Filtered Water Bottle for only $0.99, which is 98% less than the cost in ($46.00).
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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Brita Water Filter Bottle

  1. jt s.

    Being in the Keto lifestyle (yes, it is a lifestyle, not a diet), I do my best to drink at least 1-gallon of water per day. With the fact that tap water taste like dirt here in Texas, I have bought tons of bottled water. Drinking 10-12 bottles per day, I started thinking about how much plastic I was adding to the environment, which isn’t good.When I saw this item, I was super skeptical that it would make the “dirt” water taste like the refreshing Ozarka that I was accustomed to, but I bought it anyway. After using it for two days, I can tell you that it most definitely does just that. At 26oz per fill, it has also helped me to reach the goal of 1-gallon per day with ease.I highly recommend the product for those who want great tasting water straight out of the tap … even those of us in Texas!!!

  2. ME

    I really like this filtered bottle much better than the regular Brita filtered water bottle. I like the cap that swings open at a touch, and I did not expect to like that as it is a step between me and my water. The water tastes good and is easy to draw through the straw. I rinsed the filter well and did not have any of the issues others have had with loose charcoal particles. The one thing that I do not like is that the lid, when closed, doesn’t seal the mouthpiece well enough to prevent a stream of water pouring from the bottom of the straw when I take the top off to refill it. Instead the water pours from the straw after a few seconds delay, which is frustrating when trying to refill at a water fountain in public, with water pouring sometimes all over the floor surrounding if one forgets to drain the straw. The Camelbak Groove filtered bottle didn’t do that because of the closed mouthpiece. I was hoping this Brita bottle with the lid would accomplish the same thing.

  3. KacieJayne

    I was under the impression that this works like our Brita Pitcher since I didn’t see it said anything different. It doesn’t filter the water before you are ready to use it but it filters the water just before it comes into your mouth. I was hoping to use this for travel, filtering water for each person in the group but the only way to get the filtered water is by sucking the water threw the straw. The bottle and lid and handle are great. Just love the teal color too. Hopefully I will like using this.

  4. KayLee Hodson

    I absolutely love this water bottle. It’s a little bit of an investment to buy the bottle and the 5 pack of filters, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. If you think about it, this bottle will pay for itself many times over. I haven’t ran into issues with the durability or anything like that. I have the orchid color; and it’s gorgeous. Water is very easy to drink and it tastes clean. If you’re thinking about buying one, I would go ahead and do so. Great quality investment, and it also makes drinking water so much easier surprisingly!

  5. Clover17

    Update ..After one month of use , started getting mold inside mouth piece.. Brita response was to soak it in bleach….. REALLY ……!!! No thank you… They wanted a upc from the when. I contacted them ,like they didn’t believe me.. who saves the boxes after a month??? Save your money buy something else!!!!————- original Post—————Nice bottle and filter .. I will agree the first time you use this, the first couple couple sips of water contain the carbon from the filter you’ll need to spit it out. Other thank that it works great. I bought this cut back on bottle water purchase, as the water at my work place taste odd. This works great to remove whatever was making the water taste odd. Also bought extra filters for this too so far so good!

  6. veronica

    I was not that happy with the functionality of the water bottle. It required much to much suction to get up the straw and I felt like I ended up with too much air in my stomach. In addition, during breathless workout during spin classes u need to quickly sip the water and move on,. Took too much time and energy to get thru the straw. Also if u picked up and tipped up, it would end up spilling all over you.. One consolation is the Water did taste good ..

  7. Verity Pryor-Harden

    I got this beautiful Brita bottle for my grandmother for Christmas. She is a chronic single use plastics water bottle consumer so I got this with the hope that she would actually use it and…she does! If my grandma can figure it out, anyone can. I intend to get one for myself and other family members as well. Highly recommend!

  8. cmscmscms

    The filter was not the issue. Frankly, I would not know if it was or was not working. It was the straw that was the issue. Very little water came out and then water leaked out the sides of the straw while trying to drink from it. Returning it.

  9. Adriana F

    My favourite bottle! Easy to use and to clean. The taste is really better. Also, easy to carry around! I saved many plastic bottles by using my Brita instead!

  10. Thai

    Girlfriend loves this! She brings it to work and gym.

  11. barleymax

    Just what I required! Useful to carry with you, or take in the car.

  12. jeanette gripper

    Was Christmas prezxie for my boys and the love them and use them every day. Early days but all seams good with these brita bottles. Ask me in 6 months

  13. Amazon Customer

    Good quality build. Water taste pretty wellWhere can we get spare filters from? < this is the only thing i am not sure off

  14. Emmanuel N.

    Unfortunately i did not receive the item. Got a refund but still still like purchase the item.

  15. Julia

    To has cracked after 3 months of use would like to buy a new lid

  16. Lauri

    I went on a cruise vacation and had heard that whole boat loads of people sometimes get sick. So aside from washing my hands regularly, I chose to only drink hot, canned or filtered drinks. I abhor buying bottled water so this Brita bottle seemed perfect. And it Was! I was able to fill it whenever I wanted both on the ship and in the ports I stopped at. It was easy to put ice into as well and stayed cold for a long time. Even full, it was easy to carry around with the strap on the lid. I’ll be doing a bunch of camping this Summer/Fall and will definitely be taking it with me!Lauri ~ Vancouver, BC

  17. jp

    Hairline crack appeared the day after I bought it. Cheap plastic even though its bpo free.I’m not sure if it’s working I used it to filter tap water at work, and my britta jug filter at home tastes way better.Edit: after less than a weeks use and the part that holds it closed broke. It wont close anymore am going to return.

  18. eDebot

    I have had this water bottle for 6 months now. I replace the filter every 2/3 months. Surprised how easy it is to suck the water. Minimal effort to pull the water. No smell, no scratches yet. elegant design.

  19. Gunther

    I’ve always hated the Brita bottles they had. They leak so much and the sports one takes so much effort to pull the nozzle lock thingy. Then this came and I was all over it. Absolutely the best Brita water bottle ever made.

  20. Sara Says

    It is a great filtering water bottle, easy to use and refill. Quality of Brita is great as usual. I love the happy orange shade, so pretty… glad I paid extra for it. I do prefer to chug water rather than sip through a rubber straw, so that is my only drawback. Great buy!!

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