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Wildlife officers remove mountain lion from under a deck in Englewood

Wildlife officers remove mountain lion from under a deck in
Englewood 1

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers tranquilized and relocated a mountain lion that was found under a deck at an Englewood home Thursday night.

Officers responded around 9 p.m. to a report of the big cat spending time at the home near South Broadway and East Oxford Avenue. The mountain lion was released Friday morning “in a more appropriate habitat” in Douglas County, wildlife officials said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The mountain lion wildlife officers removed from under a deck at an Englewood home, pictured in a transport trailer after capture

“The reason we chose to go hands on with this mountain lion was because it was so deep in the heart of the city,” Area Wildlife Manager Matt Martinez said in a statement Friday. “We are glad this operation worked out so smoothly for that neighborhood and for the mountain lion.”

The 60-pound female mountain lion was estimated to be 2 years old and was in good condition.

Wildlife officials did have a credible report of a mountain lion sighting in Centennial, by East Mineral Avenue and South Quebec Street, on July 6 — roughly 10 miles from where the animal relocated Thursday was found. It’s possible it could be the same mountain lion, which may have navigated northwest up Willow Creek and Little Dry Creek into Englewood, officials said.

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