Video: Protesters in D.C. burn American flags on election night to send message to country

Video: Protesters in D.C. burn American flags on election
night to send message to country 1

WASHINGTON, DC – During the evening of November 3rd, Washington, D.C. played host to various displays of protests and the ilk regarding the election. Of course, with these protests on the night of the election, there were instances of protesters burning American flags.

Video from D.C. shows where a flag was crumpled up and laid down in the middle of the street, where one of the protesters then proceeds to light the flag on fire.

The anti-American sentiments that often accompany these sorts of protests is nothing new, which these displays are typically fueled by a sense that America is somehow a horrible country in dire need of revamping.

Of course, outside of the flag burning in D.C., some protesters were lighting off fireworks while they were marching through the city.

In some of the captured footage from the protest in D.C. where participants were lighting off fireworks, many individuals can be seen carrying black umbrellas – which those have become somewhat of a hallmark in protests lately as they’re often used to conceal criminal activity.

But apparently the likes of American flags and fireworks weren’t simply enough to satisfy the crowd of protesters in terms of quenching their thirst for flicking their Bic. Another video surfaced of D.C. from the evening of November 3rd where one garbage can had seemingly had the contents within it set on fire.

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A passerby can be seen pouring a liquid substance from a water bottle directly into the smoking trashcan, but it’s unclear of it was just water or an accelerant. However, in the audio present from the video, a person can be heard chanting “all cops are bastards”.

Washington, D.C. was among the many areas within the country that anticipated some level of protests (or even riots) during the evening of the election.

Strangely, the D.C. protests on November 3rd seemed to be heavily themed in anti-police sentiments which seems to bear little correlation to the act of votes being tallied nationally for the next elected president.

But then again, when examining the types of personalities that inject themselves into these protests – the lack of rationality among the collective is pretty commonplace. 

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During the evening of November 3rd in D.C., tensions ran high in the streets near the White House as protesters’ actions ranged from gross-out, inflammatory statements to intimidation tactics used against police officers present.  

One of the protesters who fit into the “gross-out” and “inflammatory” categories, is a woman who apparently was upset that there was a black man on the street sharing the Word of God.

The interaction, which was captured on video, shows the woman declaring that she’d like to use pages from the Bible to “wipe” her vagina during a period of menstruation:

“I’m gonna wipe my bloody pussy, with your Bible papers, when I feel like it. Got it?”

The video continues, with the man simply stating the following:

“The blood of Jesus…”

However, the woman apparently couldn’t handle hearing the name of Jesus being invoked, and continued to berate the man for speaking of his faith:

“Is on my pussy, is on my pussy! And I’m gonna wipe it with your holy fucking Bible. Goddamn.”

But there was more to the D.C. protests on November 3rd than just the ramblings of what appears to be an unhinged woman.

When police were trying to arrest a masked protester, numerous others from the crowd began to encircle the officers attempting to enact the arrest.

Police were captured on video establishing a protective barrier by way of lining up their bicycles when protesters were trying to force their way into the area where someone was being arrested.

Protesters continued to surround police following the arrest, with chants of “shut it down” emanating from the crowd. One of the protesters in the crowd interrupted the cadence chants to say the following:

“Fuck shutting this shit down. We’re gonna burn this bitch down! We’re gonna burn this mother fucking bitch down!”

The same individual that proclaimed a desire to “burn this bitch down,” was also captured on video getting into a heated exchange with one of the officers present.

During the exchange, the protester was proclaiming that the officer was somehow encroaching upon his personal space and “touching” him.

After the accusations of being physically touched by police officers simply trying to secure an area, the same individual began to direct a rant toward one of the officers, accusing the officer of being racist:

“Cause you a supremacy – you are racist. You are the fabric of the United States Constitution. You are meant to build down, break down and brutalize black people.”

According to reports, at least three people were arrested during the protests that were ongoing in D.C. near the White House on November 3rd.

One man was said to have been arrested near 16th and K streets for allegedly resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

On 16th and I streets, two men were reportedly arrested regarding an alleged assault that transpired. According to police, one of the men arrested already had an open warrant, but was said to have been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon due to the alleged incident. The second man from that incident was charged with resisting arrest.

Other instances caught on camera show a group of protesters dressed in black bloc while holding extended umbrellas – even jamming them in officers faces while chanting “move back”.

One officer can be seen snatching an umbrella from the of the protesters as they were poking the officer with it.

Apparently by about 5:00 a.m. on November 4th, the area around the White House had reportedly calmed down and cleared out.

While there were a handful of arrests and boisterous individuals, it appears there wasn’t any severe outbreaks of criminality or rioting.

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