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Déjà vu: The nation is once again facing a shortage of N95 masks

Déjà vu: The nation is once again facing a shortage of N95
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(ZEROHEDGE) – It appears to be a case of “deja vu all over again” for the medical community in finding masks to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Early on during the outbreak of the coronavirus, securing PPE for medical professionals (and for the nation) was one of the key problems. Recall, even Dr. Fauci was telling the nation not to go out and wear masks because the medical community needed them so desperately.

Supply has improved since the beginning of the pandemic but some healthcare facilities are still below recommended quantities, according to the Wall Street Journal. This has forced some facilities to ration and reuse masks. In Michigan, almost 66% of healthcare systems are reporting less than a 3 week supply of PPE. Some facilities say they have less than a 7 day supply. The state recommends a 3 month supply.

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