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Steve Cohen Opens Mets Owner's Suite to Fans Who Guessed Newspaper Story Source

Steve Cohen Opens Mets Owner's Suite to Fans Who Guessed
Newspaper Story Source 1

Steve Cohen’s tweeting may be frustrating for prospective front office members, but it gave some lucky fans access to the owner’s suite at Citi Field.

The New York Mets owner was back on Twitter again Thursday and promising access to the team’s owner’s suite to fans who guessed the anonymous source that leaked information to the New York Post.

Mets owner Steve Cohen was ruffling feathers on Twitter against Thursday when he offered fans access to his owners suite if they could correctly guess the anonymous source cited in a New York Post story Wednesday.
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Cohen, who purchased the team for more than $2.4 billion last November, is reportedly in the market for an established president of baseball operations for the second straight offseason. Post beat writer Mike Puma cited an anonymous former executive Wednesday who said Cohen’s penchant for social media is among the issues keeping personnel from joining the front office.

“In one year the value of the team has gone backward significantly,” the Post‘s source said. “Cohen is out here tweeting about the organization and tweeting about stuff like he is a fan. Why would anyone want to sign up for that? I think that’s a huge issue.”

Cohen tweeted his frustration about Puma’s reporting then opened his owner’s box to the first person who could correctly guess the leaker’s identity.

“Insightful” source in Mike Puma’s article in the New York Post today .The person who can guess the source correctly will have the opportunity to sit with me in my suite at Citifield.First one right wins.

— Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) September 16, 2021

It’s not me and it’s not an easy call

— Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) September 16, 2021

One fan guessed it quickly, so Cohen opened the contest to two more guesses before outing the source as David Samson, the former president of the Miami Marlins from 2002-17.

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Well , Twitter figured it out as usual. The source, who has already put out a pre- denial denial is David Samson.I will have my press people reach out to the 3 winners

— Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) September 16, 2021

Cohen’s Twitter offer is the latest in a string of unprecedented behaviors from an MLB owner. He revealed details about his contract negotiations with shortstop Francisco Lindor during the offseason and attacked the team’s offensive approach in a viral tweet last month.

His tweeting has been a subject of consternation and entertainment to his fellow owners.

“Cohen’s Twitter presence is a source of both concern and amusement for certain rival executives, some of whom will text each other his tweets in a ‘Can you believe this?’ sort of manner,” The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported in August.

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