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NJ man in hospital with COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated

NJ man in hospital with COVID-19 after being fully
vaccinated 1

A New Jersey man is in the hospital with COVID-19 — just five weeks after being vaccinated.

Francisco Cosme, 52, was ecstatic when he booked an appointment for the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Javits Center on March 6.

After Cosme was vaccinated, he continued to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines but he became “very confused and began doing things that were not normal,” his daughter, Michelle Torres, told the Post.  

“April 1 was the very first day he started to have symptoms,” Torres said. “He had a cough, fever, chills, everything.”

The 31-year-old drove her father to a clinic where he tested positive for COVID-19 and he was instructed to quarantine for ten days.

Last week, his condition worsened and Torress noticed he had trouble breathing and called 911 during a visit to his home in Edison, New Jersey.

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After giving Cosme oxygen, the ambulance rushed him to John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where he is in critical condition and is also being treated for pneumonia.

“I’m trying to hold it together, everyday you don’t know what is happening,” said a tearful Torres.

“The doctor said they did all they can do it and it’s up to him to fight and up to god.”

Torres told the Post her mother, husband, and children ended up testing postive for COVID and are in quarantine until next Sunday.

“We survived the whole year without it [Vaccine] doing all the things we are supposed to so do — social distancing, washing hands, and masking up,” she explained.

“It’s crazy and we need answers,” Torres concluded.

The Post also reported that a Brooklyn woman who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Javitz Center on March 10 contracted COVID-19.

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