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New York Sees Mass Exodus of Residents During Coronavirus Pandemic

New York Sees Mass Exodus of Residents During Coronavirus
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New York has seen a mass exodus of residents during the coronavirus pandemic, losing more residents than any other state in the U.S., according to a report released Tuesday.

According to that same report obtained by Fox Business, New York City saw a notable decline in residents.

While outbound move requests went down in New York City by 1 percent in April, as part of a broader nationwide downward trend, interest in moving jumped 55 percent above average in May, according to a survey from moving company United Van Lines.

By the end of August, outbound move requests from New York City were 52 percent above the national average.

In September, outbound move requests from San Francisco topped 128 percent above the national average.

The only territory that recorded more outbound moves than New York was Washington, DC. Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and California followed suit after New York.

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On the other side, the following states recorded the highest amount of inbound moves — Vermont, North Dakota, Montana, Connecticut, and Michigan.

The findings were from a post-move customer survey conducted between March 2020 and August 2020. Survey results showed that concerns about health were the primary factor in making a move, along with a desire to move closer to family and seek out remote work opportunities.

United Van Lines told Fox Business that Florida was a top destination for those moving out of the city, with interest in moving to Florida from New York City up by 10 percent as of September.

Moving experts said there had been an “insane” uptick in relocations out of Manhattan.

WABC reported in August that New Yorkers were moving away in such record numbers that moving companies had to turn them down.

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