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'I Will Be Annoying': Flight Attendant's Viral Mask Speech Video Viewed 2.8 Million Times

'I Will Be Annoying': Flight Attendant's Viral Mask Speech
Video Viewed 2.8 Million Times 1

In a now-viral TikTok video, a flight attendant makes several hilarious comments as she discusses the airline’s mask policy. Neither the flight attendant nor the airline is identified by the video’s creator, but that didn’t stop many commenters from singing her praises.

Though the video is highly entertaining, it also serves as a great reminder to all future travelers that they are still required to wear face coverings on planes.

Tyler Janee shared the video with her TikTok followers last week, and already, it has received 2.8 million views. The video is shot in selfie mode, so neither the flight attendant nor the other passengers are visible. However, the flight attendant’s speech can be heard very clearly, and the video’s auto-generated captions provide a great transcription of the attendant’s comments.

“We see you without your face coverings,” the flight attendant said at the beginning of the video. “I know it’s a 46-minute flight, y’all look tired—we already established that. So, you might fall asleep.

“If that face covering is not on your face properly, I will wake you up,” she continued. “And I do not care.”

At this point, Janee’s eyes go wide and start to wander.

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“I will be annoying,” the flight attendant said. “We don’t have to be annoying but I will be.”

As she continues to say that she can see passengers wearing their masks improperly, Janee leans over her seat in an attempt to track down those who aren’t complying with the airline’s mask mandate.

The video ends with the attendant explaining that the flight crew will swab passengers, though it’s not clear if she means those without masks or everyone.

Newsweek has reached out to Janee for comment.

Federal law requires that all passengers wear face coverings on flights when not eating or drinking. That being said, each airline has its own policy.

For example, Travel and Leisure stated that Delta and Southwest allow passengers to wear gaiters, so long as they have two layers of fabric. But other airlines, such as Allegiant and American, do not allow passengers to wear gaiters as face coverings.

Before traveling, all passengers should double-check their chosen airline’s mask policy. And of course, regardless of which mask an individual chooses to wear, it must fully cover a person’s nose and mouth.

Though masks are required by law, some passengers are still trying to remove their masks on flights.

On September 10, a couple was removed from a flight for not wearing their masks properly. A video taken by another passenger on the plane showed the couple cursing at the flight attendant before being removed.

Newsweek reported on September 7 that a woman was handcuffed and removed from a plane for continuously pulling her mask up and down.

Some commenters thought the attendant featured in Janee’s video was rude. However, many commenters rushed to praise the flight attendant, who, they believe, is tired of arguing with passengers about the country’s mask policy.

“Honestly, she most likely has tried being nice about it in the past and it didn’t work,” said Collin in response to a few commenters calling the flight attendant unprofessional. “I don’t blame her.”

“I don’t blame her lol I work in health care and I’m so tired of asking people to do something that’s been a rule for over a year now,” added Carrie.

Olivia commented: “not all heroes wear capes.”

In a now-viral TikTok video, a flight attendant is heard making several hilarious comments as she discusses the airline’s mask policy. The video has been viewed 2.8 million times.
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