Getting vaccinated is how we beat Fauci and other lockdown-forever loons

Getting vaccinated is how we beat Fauci and other
lockdown-forever loons 1

The best kept secret of the pandemic — kept secret especially by our perma-doom-saying public-health authorities — is that the COVID-19 vaccines work. They work very, very well. Yes, even the Johnson & Johnson product just put on pause because of a one-in-a-million side effect.

The vaccines have shown incredible results in fighting off serious cases of COVID-19. These shots are scientific miracles — and you should take one at the first opportunity.

Take the vaccine, wait two weeks after the final dose, and then return to your 2019 life. Or better yet, make up for the last miserable year by taking your 2021 life to the next level.

Take off your mask as much as you can. You will still have to wear it in shops that require it, or on the short but deadly walk to your table at restaurants (eye roll). But you don’t need it anymore to walk your dog, push your child on a swing, hug a friend. Outdoor masking was always more about virtue-signaling. But your going mask-less now signals something else: You’ve gotten the jab, you trust in the science and you are moving on.

Make plans. So many of us have been in a holding pattern for more than a year. See friends, and not just the ones you’ve bubbled with for the last year. Fill your weekends. Have brunch, lunch and dinner out. Go to a museum. Lounge in the park. Go on adventures. Fall in love with someone new or with your spouse all over again.

Remember why you love your city. Change out of your leggings. Get dressed up. Find somewhere to go dancing. Go laugh your face off at a comedy show. You have taken the vaccine, and the pandemic is effectively over for you. Celebrate that — hard.

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Take a trip. The world may still be largely closed, but you live in a vast, amazing country, and there is so much to see. America is open to you. Don’t wait for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to let you. In March, the CDC warned that vaccinated individuals shouldn’t travel. In April, the agency said they could, but then clarified that they still shouldn’t.

So much of the guidance from the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci has been conflicting gobbledygook that they’ve had to clarify or walk back.

We have Andy Slavitt, a White House senior adviser on COVID previously known for his hysterical tweets, now issuing “hugging guidance” for grandparents and their grandchildren. These people have tasted power and are reluctant to let it go. Remember they aren’t actually in charge of anything.

When Fauci tells you he wouldn’t dine indoors even after vaccination, that’s his problem, his psychosis. Maybe he never enjoyed dining out to begin with. Maybe he thinks none of us should ever do it again. In any case, he is an extremely poor messenger and muddled thinker who frequently says things that undermine the war against COVID, by signaling that nothing, not even these miraculous vaccines, will return us to normal.

Anyway, Fauci’s reign is coming to an end, and he probably senses it: A precipitous drop in the COVID-19 positivity rate, and loads more evidence, shows that the vaccines have done their job. It’s true that you may still get COVID-19 after vaccination, and we may get future upticks in cases, but the evidence is that vaccines are sending the death rates tumbling. That is what counts. Not cases, not exceptional reactions to the jabs, not theoretical risks and worries about emerging strains. 

The experts who keep pushing more masks, more distancing and more lockdowns, even after vaccination, are doing a greater disservice than the conspiracy theorists who think the jabs implant government chips in our brains. We know to dismiss the latter. But the former are constantly on our televisions making no sense and refusing to say that we can move on from this pandemic.

We can move on, and we should. Be sane. You — we — can defeat Fauci’s nonsense: by getting the jabs and then living life as it’s meant to be lived.

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