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Desperate students turn to OnlyFans, sex work as COVID lockdowns dry up hospitality jobs

Desperate students turn to OnlyFans, sex work as COVID
lockdowns dry up hospitality jobs 1
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The COVID-19 lockdowns have sent so many young people into sex work that there have been calls for them to join a ‘prostitutes’ union

British students, suffering financial devastation after the covid-19 lockdowns robbed them of jobs in restaurants and bars, have turned to doing porn and joining OnlyFans to support themselves, the Mirror reports. 

Porn and OnlyFans work has become so common among students in the UK that there have been calls for such individuals to join a “prostitutes’ union.”

In fact, the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) reports that its helpline has seen a one-third increase in 2021 in calls from students who joined the porn and OnlyFans movement.

So common is this migration into sex work among today’s youths that universities are even publishing guides on how to safely ride the pornographic wave to financial security.

Laura Watson, a spokeswoman for the group, said: “We have seen a significant increase in students going into prostitution as tuition fees have increased.

Desperate students turn to sex and OnlyFans after lockdown kills pub and shop jobs

The Mirror

Watson reported that some students have joined OnlyFans or done porn because they need to pay off debts in excess of $40,000.

“Since the pandemic a lot of women have been getting in touch starting sex work,” Watson said. 

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“Jobs in shops and pubs, that students would traditionally have taken, have not been available, especially during the pandemic. There just aren’t a lot of options out there – and women have to find a way to survive.”

Founded in 1975, the ECP seeks to decriminalize sex work such as porn and advocates for rights and safety among those who join the field or who do OnlyFans, The Sun reports.

As many as eight students a day are calling the helpline for support and advice with most inquiries involving sex work and rights.

Desperate students selling sex & signing up to OnlyFans as traditional bar jobs dry up and Covid forced shops to close

Some students who have joined a porn operation or signed up for OnlyFans have contacted ECP seeking help after suffering from harassment. 

“During the first lockdown there was a mass wave of women going online and OnlyFans was one of the big ones people went to,” Watson said of students in particular who joined the DIY porn movement. 

“We’ve been dealing with stalking and harassment cases specifically related to this where people say clients are persistently getting in touch with them. Some women have had their content stolen and reposted somewhere.”

The Daily Star cites chemistry graduate Sophie McBurnie, 22, of Rochdale. Desperate for cash after covid-19 hit, the former student joined OnlyFans and started churning out porn.

Despite having a part-time supermarket job, the Lancaster University student’s loan still left her short on her £5,000-a-year rent.

Struggling students turn to OnlyFans to pay for fees after losing jobs in lockdown

The Daily Star

Sophie is now scoring some $10,000 a month from the racy site.

Writing for the New York Post, Rikki Schlott has slammed a prurient pop culture movement that may contribute to students joining OnlyFans and doing porn.

Schlott blames what she labels “Cardi B culture,” thanks to the performer’s brazen flaunting of her physique and sexuality. 

“Rap icon Cardi B’s “WAP” was the undisputed song of last summer. Touted as a female empowerment anthem, it topped the charts and landed her Billboard’s Woman of the Year Award,” Schlott writes. “But this new brand of hypersexualized feminism typified by “WAP” ultimately sends a destructive message to young girls.”

The song’s title alone (which stands for “wet ass p—y”) reveals its objectifying undertones, reducing a woman to her genitalia and implying that a woman’s empowerment is derived entirely from her sexuality. The song demands material goods for sex (“ask for a car while you ride that d–k”) and even requests acts of sexual degradation (“spit in my mouth,” “tie me up,” “I want to choke”). Worst of all, Cardi insinuates that her marriage is predicated on her sexual performance, boasting, “I don’t cook, I don’t clean, but let me tell you how I got this ring.”

Today’s ‘Cardi B culture’ does the opposite of empowering girls

New York Post

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