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8 Capitol police test positive for coronavirus

8 Capitol police test positive for coronavirus 1
“The health and well-being of USCP employees is the Department’s top priority,” spokeswoman Eva Malecki told CNN on Thursday. “We are implementing a number of proactive measures to respond to the pandemic.”
The Capitol Police Department has adapted what they are calling a “progressive staffing posture” aimed at preserving employee health.
They have issued personal protective equipment to all police officers, have enhanced agency-wide telework capabilities, and are providing the option of temporary lodging for on-duty officers and civilian employees to address concerns about the potential of community transmission to family members.
The department is also delivering daily box luncheon to on-duty officers and civilian employees to help employees practice responsible social distancing while on duty.
In addition, Capitol Police sworn personnel who are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 may receive priority testing.

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