Wake Up Patriots: The Commies Are Winning

Wake Up Patriots: The Commies Are Winning 1

Democrats Communists are horrible people. They are dedicated, I’ll give them that. They refuse to go away and they spread quickly, much like herpes.

If you don’t believe me when I say Democrats are commies, ask Ilhan Omar. She’s pretty clear about her plans.

I used to think the nation had “systems” in place to prevent such a takeover. I was wrong. The Democrats found a way to pry Trump, a true patriot, out of the White House. Mark Zuckerberg was a big part of that plan.

Biden sent his apparatchik lap dog, Merrick Garland, to Arizona to threaten the auditors into stopping. Democrats are fighting election audits in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. What’s there to hide, Dems?

Why did the left want Trump out? Was it cheap gas, historically low unemployment, and an economy that was booming, for the second time, after COVID hit? Was it mean tweets? No, it was because commies want to destroy, even if it hurts the people. Like I said, pinkos are horrible people.

The good news is this: True Americans are fighting back. The revolution began at the school board level. Don’t mess with a conservative’s children.

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My friend Stephen Kruiser recently asked if Democrats even care about their kids. Are they so dedicated to their political cause that they’ll push their children into the hands of the state? Why do they sit back while teachers indoctrinate them with CRT? They must be okay with it.

We’ve all seen the father who was subdued and arrested for daring to ask why a 15-year-old transgender boy in a skirt was allowed to rape and sodomize his teen daughter with impunity, then go on to sexually assault another girl. The father was dragged away by police.

Why did the school cover up the rape? Was it to defend the trans narrative and keep the country from seeing yet another example of a trans male sexually assaulting or harassing women? Or were they hoping they wouldn’t get sued for allowing boys into the girl’s restroom? Virtue signaling the leftist narrative shouldn’t have such vile consequences for young girls. Can we stop coddling trans people yet? Can we not make it easy for them to brutalize young girls? Can we AT LEAST have them arrested for their crimes? It’s called equality and that’s the goal, right?

Kidding, the liberals abandoned equality for all and now want preferential treatment for some.

Can we get former president Obama to not refer to the reaction of the rape of a young girl as “fake outrage”? The left will do what they need to do to bring communism here, even if that means throwing sexually assaulted young girls under a bus, and then slut-shaming them in the lefty Washington Post.

So the communists have taken over a portion of the Democrat Party, mush of the press, and the schools. We still have the military, right?

Not so fast. The armed forces have been indoctrinating our troops with critical race theory. Today, the Epoch Times reported that Marines who refuse the vaccination may face “separation.” They are also threatening court-martials.

“General Court-Martial Convening Authorities (GCMCA) retain authority to take any additional adverse administrative or disciplinary action they deem appropriate,” declared a posting on the Marines’ website.

Marines who refuse the jab are also looking at not getting promoted.

3.f.  Promotion Delays.  Commanders, Commanding Officers, Inspector-Instructors and Officers-in-Charge shall delay the promotion of any Marine having refused the vaccine IAW ref (h) and (i).
3.g.  Marines who have refused the vaccine may not serve in a command assignment (e.g., Commanding Officers, Inspector-Instructors, Senior Enlisted Advisors, or Officers-in-Charge) without an approved administrative or medical exemption, religious accommodation, or pending appeal.

All for a vaccine that won’t prevent them from getting or spreading COVID. The army mandated the vaccine as well. So did the Air Force. The Navy will discharge those who won’t bend a knee and raise their sleeves.

It seems that the military is indoctrinating the soldiers they can and removing those they can’t.

Keep in mind, many Americans don’t need the vaccine. But it’s a HUGE moneymaker, and it’s a way to scare people into putting their lives in the hands of the commies. Remember, the commies, much like the band Cheap Trick, need you to need them. It makes controlling us that much easier.


  • CRT is in the schools, as are actual commie teachers
  • Demanding answers about your daughter’s sexual assault will have you branded a domestic terrorist. Keep quiet or you are an enemy of the state
  • Trans people are untouchable. Play along or you’re a bigot
  • Biden, the commander in chief, is pushing CRT on the troops and removing those who won’t get vaccinated.

All of this was done in the first 10 months of President Pottie-Mouth taking control. As I said, commies work fast. I predict the next step is a gung-ho attack on the Second Amendment.

P.S.: This just in: Loudoun County school kids are walking out of a school that protected a trans rapist and endangered young girls. Bravo!

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