School board prez accused of compiling dossier on parents who oppose masks, critical race theory

School board prez accused of compiling dossier on parents
who oppose masks, critical race theory 1

Parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, want the school board president to resign amid allegations he compiled a Google Drive dossier of personal information on parents who complained about mask mandates and critical race theory.

The Google Drive, which included information on targeted parents’ children, had files labeled “SUSD Wackos” and “Anti Mask Lunatics” along with others cataloging the online internet activities of the parents in an opposition research format, Arizona Free News reported.

The drive’s settings were set to public, allowing anyone with access to the link to view it and its contents, including parents’ financial documents, social security numbers and divorce papers, according to the newspaper.

The Scottsdale Unified School District defended Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and instead blamed Mr. Greenburg’s father, Mark Greenburg. The school system also reassured parents that their information was safe.

Parents were not buying the explanation and called for the younger Mr. Greenburg to step down from his post.

“We cannot allow anyone in a leadership position to secretly compile personal documents and information on moms and dads who have dared speak out publicly or on social media about their grievances with the district,” parent Amy Carney said in an email to the newspaper

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Ms. Carney, who has six children, is running for a seat on the Scottsdale Governing Board.

Mr. Greenburg’s father is listed as the owner of the Google Drive document. School board records also indicated the two men shared a computer.

Asked by a reporter from Scottsdale Independent whether his father had access to the Google Drive documents, the younger Mr. Greenburg reportedly said, “I am not my father’s keeper.”

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