Bay City News Service

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Unified School District announced Saturday that multiple early education, elementary and county school sites will reopen Monday for in-person learning.

Superintendent Vincent Matthews said 11 early education preschool sites, 22 elementary schools and three county schools will open their doors.

All 107 schools in the district are expected to reopen by the end of April, when roughly 22,000 students from prekindergarten to twelfth grade are predicted to return to in-person learning.

“We recognize that students and families will experience this last part of the school year in different ways and we want to be sensitive to that and meet students where they are,” Matthews said in a statement. “It will feel different from before the pandemic for so many reasons, including the health and safety protocols but schools are still places for connection and interaction.”

SFUSD is the seventh-largest school district in California with 56,000 students. The district has 12 early education preschool sites, 64 elementary schools, 13 middle schools,15 high schools and three county schools.

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