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Rocker Mikel Jollett: Stephen Miller Getting Coronavirus Would Be a Sign That God Is 'Coming for These F**kers'

Rocker Mikel Jollett: Stephen Miller Getting Coronavirus
Would Be a Sign That God Is 'Coming for These F**kers' 1

Airborne Toxic Event lead singer Mikel Jollett said if President Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller gets infected with the deadly Chinese coronavirus, it will be “a sign” that God is “coming for these fuckers.”

“I’m not a deeply religious person and I don’t wish physical suffering on any human being,” began Mikel Jollett, who immediately went on to contradict himself in his next statement. “But if Stephen Miller gets covid-19 after putting literally thousands of brown children in cages, I’m going to consider it a sign from God that he’s coming for these fuckers yet.”

Jollett’s rant came after Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus — and Katie Miller is the wife of Stephen Miller.

Jollett has previously compared President Donald Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration to Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust across Europe.

“The Holocaust did not end with people being called subhuman, constantly compared to criminals, put into yellow markers with children torn from the the arms of screaming mothers,” said Jollett. “But it did start there,” he added, along with the hashtag, #WhereAreTheChildren.

In 2018, after senator Susan Collins (R-ME) announced that she would be voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, Jollett reacted by referring to her remarks as “unforgivable.”

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“This is why survivors don’t come forward. This speech right here,” said the Airborne Toxic Event frontman of Collins’ sentiments.

“This horrible moment when this horrible woman gives every presumption of innocence to the attacker and the harshest prosecutorial view of the victim, as she is the one with the incentive to lie,” added Jollett of his dismay over Collins’ prioritization of Rule of Law and presumption of innocence — the bedrock and foundation of American principles.

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