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Marjorie Taylor Greene's Mask Fines Make up More Than a Third of Her Salary

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Mask Fines Make up More Than a
Third of Her Salary 1

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has now paid fines equivalent to more than a third of her salary for defying the House rule on face masks.

Greene, a Republican who represents Georgia’s 14th congressional district, told Newsmax on Monday that she had been charged more than $60,500 in penalties under the mask mandate introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Greene’s annual congressional salary is $174,000,

The Republican lawmaker also indicated on Monday that she would not be wearing a mask in the near future.

Greene spoke to Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo about the fines, placing the blame directly on Pelosi.

“She’s fined me over $60,500 in mask fines. I refuse to wear a mask,” she said.

Greene also revealed that she has not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

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“And Chris, I have to tell you something else—I’m not vaccinated,” she said.

“And I will be standing strong, standing up for the people across this country that refuse to get vaccinated.”

House members who violate the mask mandate are fined $500 for the first offense and $2,500 for each further infraction. Those penalties are deducted from their salaries.

Greene is one of many House Republicans who have objected to the mask requirement. The Senate, which occupies the other side of the Capitol building, has not imposed a mandate.

In May, Pelosi decided to keep the requirement in place despite updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying masks were not necessary for fully vaccinated people.

Current CDC guidelines state: “Everyone 2 years of age or older who is not fully vaccinated should wear a mask in indoor public places.”

The agency also recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors “in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.”

The District of Columbia is currently an area of substantial transmission, according to CDC data. The agency’s website says everyone in D.C. “should wear a mask in public, indoor settings. Mask requirements might vary from place to place.”

Republicans have been clashing with Pelosi over the mask rule for many months.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted on July 28: “Make no mistake—The threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state.”

In response to McCarthy’s tweet, Pelosi reportedly described the House minority leader as “such a moron.”

The Republican responded by highlighting that the rule did not apply in the Senate despite being in the same building.

“If she’s so brilliant, can she explain to me where the science in the building changes between the House and the Senate,” he said.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks at a news conference after visiting the Holocaust Museum, outside the U.S. Capitol on June 14. Greene has not received a COVID-19 vaccine.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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