Biden spins his proposed nationwide mask mandate, now calling it “guidance”

Biden spins his proposed nationwide mask mandate, now
calling it "guidance" 1

(Natural News) After earlier in the summer indicating that his plan, if elected president, is to try to force all Americans to wear face masks under a new “mandate,” flip-flopping Joe Biden is now using the word “guidance” to describe his pro-mask agenda.

Speaking at a virtual “town hall” event for the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), Biden revealed that if installed into the White House, he will immediately order his Department of Transportation to create a “nationwide mask guidance” rather than a mandate.

“We have to make sure you get all the PPE (personal protective equipment) you need,” Biden stated. “You need it for job safety and for our safety to be able to continue to transport people. We need a nationwide mask guidance so that no one gets on a public transportation unit without a mask.”

To be clear, the last part of Biden’s statement suggests that his agenda is still to force people to wear masks, but to do so under a “guidance” rather than a “mandate.” During his speech, Biden did not differentiate between these two words.

Naturally, Biden received pushback from ATU President John Costa, who tried to explain to Biden that transportation workers cannot be expected to enforce the potential president’s mask-wearing “guidance.”

Since transportation workers continually face riders who do not, or cannot, wear a face mask, Biden’s “guidance” proposal is both logistically unfeasible and needlessly burdensome. This is on top of the daily pressures already faced by transportation workers.

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“Our members, they serve as mask police,” Costa lamented, to which a dense Biden responded with, “That’s right,” obviously failing to understand that Costa’s sentiment goes against Biden’s proposed mask “guidance.”

“Enforcing face covering regulations while trying to drive a bus at the same time” is simply not possible, Costa added.

Having nothing much to say in response, Biden merely reiterated his proposal, failing to explain how a “guidance” rather than a “mandate” might alleviate the problem.

Mandating masks is unconstitutional, grounds for lawsuit

Back in August, Biden was heard advocating for the institution of a “mask mandate nationwide,” adding that “every single American should be wearing a mask when they are outside for the next three months at a minimum.”

When this messaging did not go over so well among those who recognize that if masks can be mandated then so can vaccines, Biden switched his tune and admitted that there was “a constitutional issue” with his earlier statements.

“I don’t think constitutionally they could, so I wouldn’t issue a mandate,” Biden later stated, only to now come out in support of a “guidance” that would presumably require all transportation riders to mask up before entering a bus or train.

As usual, Biden is all over the place. He is unable to get his story straight and is constantly saying things that defy things he said previously. His supporters and sympathizers call them “gaffes,” but we call them flip-flops and obvious signs of dementia.

Biden did clarify that he does believe a president has the power to mandate masks on federal property, and that he could do this through an executive order.

Biden has also indicated that he plans to “bully” all state governors to force masks on their populations, requiring that they be worn in all jurisdictions at all times. This is the type of scenario you can expect if Biden is elected president.

“Joe is changing his name to Karen,” joked one Breitbart News commenter, using humor to point out Biden’s flip-flopping hypocrisy.

“Mask guidance? Joe needs a guidance counselor just to tell him which way is ‘up,’” wrote another.

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