White House: 80 Percent of US Adults Have Gotten at Least One COVID-19 Vaccine Dose HNewsWire: This Administration Happens to Be the Biggest Liars on the Face of the Earth.

White House: 80 Percent of US Adults Have Gotten at Least
One COVID-19 Vaccine Dose HNewsWire: This Administration Happens to
Be the Biggest Liars on the Face of the Earth. 1

There Is Less Than 40% Of the American Population That Has Taken The Vaccine From Hell Kill Shot. Satan Soldiers Are Having Trouble Spinning the Metrics on the Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Population, Don’t Be Fooled by This Administration From Hell, They’re Lying in Order to Manipulate the Masses….

White House officials on Monday said that about 80 percent of U.S. adults have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, and about 70 percent of adults are fully vaccinated.

Jeff Zients, the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response coordinator, said during a briefing that the statistical benchmark suggests the United States is making progress on the pandemic. Previously, Zients and other Biden administration officials have suggested that mandates and vaccine passport systems are the reason why vaccination numbers have increased.

“These are important milestones,” Zients said. “We know vaccines are the very best tool we have to accelerating our path out of the pandemic.”

Force is now the only rule remaining in Satan-controlled America. Everything else has collapsed. There is no free speech, no fair trial, no system of justice, no reasonable expectation of human rights anywhere, no fair elections, no honest news, no honest Wall Street operations, no real public education, no clean food

The first psalm warns us not to keep company with evil people. We are told not to listen to their counsel, stand in their way or sit in their seats. The word ‘blessed’ is translated ‘happy’ in some newer renderings. Blessing implies the goodness of God will be with such a person. Look for these beatitudes throughout Scripture. If the Word gives us instruction as to what to do to find God pouring out His goodness on us, we should give careful attention to that instruction. You will be blessed if you avoid bad company. Man has a natural tendency to gravitate toward mocking and complaint. Don’t!

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Consider: “If I meditate on God’s Word and don’t walk in the counsel of the wicked, whatever I do will prosper.”

If anyone is responsible for global covid deaths, it is Fauci,the US government — the Chinese government and anyone else involved in that gain of function research which is primarily used to WEAPONIZE viruses under the guise of creating “therapeutics.” Gain of function research was originally banned under the Biological Weapons Convention which went into effect in 1975, unless it was being used for therapeutics. Now ALL gain of function research that is revealed publicly is labeled as therapeutics even if it is actually designed to produce biological weapons. This is sometimes referred to as “dual use research.”

The lesson we must all learn is trust no one. Be responsible for your own health and well being and boost your immune systems with everything from cod liver oil to exercise via vitamins Dzinc, sunshine, air, love, family and friendship and stress avoidance.

Study Shows Devastating Effect Of Pandemic On Mental Wellbeing

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is confident that there will be a reckoning for this “incredibly mad episode in human history.”

“I Think The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall  And When The Dust Settles…Reputations Will Be Slaughtered Because This Has Been A Pack Of Lies From Start To Finish.”

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