Tokyo 2020 Live Updates: Team USA Sets 400m Hurdles Record, Great Britain Gets Sailing Gold Despite Protest

Tokyo 2020 Live Updates: Team USA Sets 400m Hurdles Record,
Great Britain Gets Sailing Gold Despite Protest 1
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Team USA has gained a raft of medals so far on day 12 of Tokyo 2020 following impressive wins from Simone Biles and Athing Mu yesterday. The team has managed to secure both first and second place at the women’s 400m hurdles final, plus gold medals in the women’s basketball quarter-finals and men’s baseball.

The country continues to sit top of the medal table with over 75 medals, followed by Team China and Olympic hosts Team Japan. Team GB continues its run of golds today but has caused disquiet in the sailing, with Team France lodging a protest against the country.

Controversy continues at the Games continues today, with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) demanding an explanation from Team China as to why two of their cyclists, Bao Shanju and Zhong Tianshi, wore badges that appeared to depict the country’s late leader Mao Zedong.

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Have you seen athletes wearing or making an X symbol?

You may have seen some athletes wearing a black X mark on their hand – or some even making an X gesture with their arms – at medal ceremonies. But what is it?

Team USA fencer Race Imboden explained the symbol on Twitter after winning gold – an agreement between athletes to subtly – or not so subtly – demonstrate against racism and protest against Rule 50, which bans “political, religious or racial propaganda” anywhere on Olympic grounds.

The X is a symbol of solidarity.
Some of the athletes communicated and decided upon this symbol to show solidarity for each other and support the oppressed.
For me I personally wore the symbol as a demonstration against rule 50. In support of athletes of color, …

— Race Imboden (@Race_Imboden) August 3, 2021

Climbing makes Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020

Climbing has made its debut as an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020
Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Problem at sea? Team France’s sailing protest against Team GB dismissed

The British sailing team, which won the two-person dinghy 470 medal race overall, let Poland by which allowed them to tie with France across the finish line – but with Poland taking the silver medal. The French athletes filed a protest against the decision but their appeal was rejected.

It is not just an ordinary win for Team GB – it secures Hannah Mills’ title as the most successful female Olympic sailor in history.

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