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Time for rioters to 'feel the burn' of the 'Crowd Buster' tool

Time for rioters to 'feel the burn' of the 'Crowd Buster'
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The late 19th century saw conflicts break out in the western United States over grazing rights between those raising cattle and those raising sheep. Sometimes, one side or the other brought in a “hired gun” – a gunman who was notorious for quickly effecting a result by employing a no-nonsense approach.

As the violence of rioters in Portland and elsewhere continues, causing serious injury to those defending federal property, the time has come for law enforcement to take a no-nonsense approach. They need to bring in their “hired gun.”

This gun is a weapon currently found in the inventories of both the military and civilian law enforcement. However, it is unlike anything rioters in this country have ever before experienced. It has been employed most effectively in Afghanistan. But, before explaining its effectiveness, we first need explain why its use is now needed.

Rioters in Portland have been relentless for two months, hellbent on destroying property, disrupting local traffic flow, endangering citizens and injuring law enforcement officers. They feed upon the mob mentality, finding courage in large numbers. For the last 50 days, rioters have numbered over a thousand people, sometimes rising to four times that number. Most revealing about the “oppression” they would have us believe they have suffered is that they will happily come together to party until darkness falls. Then the Dr. Jekyll partiers turn into the Mr. Hyde criminal element. Their dark side emerges as they seek to impose destruction upon their city in retaliation for a supposed oppression they never suffered.

Operating within the dark shadows of a human sea of anonymity, rioters have used a wide range of weaponry to assault those daring to deny them an outlet for their destructive rage. Even innocent locals who happened to stumble in the way have suffered the consequences. The weapons used have included bats, firecrackers, smoke bombs, guns, Molotov cocktails, knives, slingshot-fired ball bearings, etc. The malicious intentions of rioters to do bodily harm is further demonstrated as some firecrackers thrown at police have been wrapped in nails to increase the injury potential. The nature of these weapons should dispel the lie House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., recently told that these were peaceful protests and any claim of violence was a “myth.”

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In a more recent attack, rioters used lasers against federal officers in Portland. This resulted in three officers, defending the federal courthouse, suffering possible permanent blindness by the cowardly act. Additionally, at one point, rioters tried setting the courthouse on fire with federal officers still inside.

Some rioters have brought their young children along, teaching them to yell obscenities at law enforcement officers or hold up signs with such messages. They have attempted to employ human shields at times to protect them from the police so they could pelt officers with various objects. These human shields have varied from mothers of the rioters linking arms to fathers doing so and, to avoid arrest, wearing fake press credentials.

In an effort to deny law enforcement a non-lethal means of defending itself, some liberal local politicians have banned the use of tear gas. While both Seattle and Portland enacted such bans, the former’s was overturned by a judge.

The conduct of the rioters shows no signs of abating. It has police so concerned as liberal government leaders fail to support them financially or otherwise that over 100 law enforcement agencies recently announced they would not provide security for the Democratic Party’s convention. Meanwhile, Seattle police inform local business owners they are on their own to protect their properties.

Is it time to use the high-energy-microwave ‘Crowd Buster’ to stop the riots?

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Shockingly, mob violence seems to be part of the Democratic Party’s 2020 platform. They blocked a Republican resolution in Congress condemning such activity, again claiming it was not needed as the protests were peaceful.

Since it is the not the size of the fight in the crowd but the size of the crowd in the fight providing rioters with a backbone, and with their close access to federal officers allowing them to inflict injury, it is time for law enforcement to introduce rioters to the “crowd buster” – the “Active Denial System” (ADS).

ADS is a directed-energy weapon system developed by Raytheon several years ago. It generates and focuses a high-energy millmeterwave radio frequency beam (a type of electromagnetic radiation) onto a target, causing a very hot, skin-surface burning sensation. This gives ADS the additional name of the “heat” or “pain” ray.

ADS actually works similar to a microwave oven. There is one big difference, however; while the microwave cooks meat from the inside out, ADS only penetrates the skin’s surface up to 1/64th of an inch. But that penetration is sufficiently unbearable to force any victim within the beam’s path to immediately seek the nearest escape route. You will never see a snowflake move quicker to look for “safe space” than when targeted by ADS.

This system is one of the most effective non-lethal weapons designed to preserve perimeter security and crowd control. And, as volunteers who have experienced it will attest, exposure causes absolutely no permanent injury. For rioters, it is the equivalent of an adult receiving a severe paddling for misbehavior – one never to be forgotten. While “feel the Bern” might be a draw for many progressives among these rioters, “feeling the burn” of the ADS will have no similar effect. It will leave them discombobulated as they run to find an escape route.

Thousands of people rioting in Portland for two months is an obvious indication these miscreants have too much time on their hands. As local police stand down, the rioting and destruction continues, only encouraged by police inaction. One ADS zap will go a long way to reorient such destructive thinking.

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