This election official says his office won’t look into allegations of voter fraud until ‘post-election’

This election official says his office won’t look into
allegations of voter fraud until ‘post-election’ 1

CLARK COUNTY, NV – According to recent statements made by the Clark County Registrar of Voters, while he knows that there’s been allegations of voter fraud within the county – he stated that an investigation won’t happen until “post-election”. 

Joe Gloria was said to have delivered the comments on November 7th during a press conference responding to inquiries pertaining to alleged voter fraud within Clark County: 

“We do have some reports that have come in that we’re logging for reporting. But we’re definitely going to do an investigation, and we’ll deal with them once the canvass is finished.”

After having acknowledged that there are some swirling allegations regarding potential fraud within the county, Gloria said that as it stands the votes are already tallied and that an investigation will have to wait: 

“The votes are in the system at this point, so we’ll have to after the election, post-election, go after anything that’s been reported at this time.”

According to a tweet from the Nevada GOP, they’d stated that county officials had been requesting proof of allegations linked to voter fraud – which they purportedly provided – yet have opted to delay an investigation. 

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On November 5th, the Nevada GOP also pointed out that they’d sent a criminal referral over to Attorney General Bill Barr regarding thousands of alleged instances of voter fraud having taken place: 

“Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud. We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.”

Just a week prior to Gloria having noted that an investigation into alleged voter fraud will commence after the election cycle, he was claiming that he was “not aware of any improper ballots that are being processed” within Clark County. 

Following the recent whistleblower matter in Clark County regarding a sworn affidavit where the signee alleged to have witnessed illegitimate processing of ballots as an election worker, a firm representing Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. engaged in a records request from the Clark County Election Department. 

From what this sworn affidavit alleged by the poll worker in Clark County, voters who didn’t show valid identification were afforded provisional ballots in Clark County, which poll workers were then told to “add two zeros (’00’) to the DMV confirmation number and put it where the Driver’s License/ID number was supposed to go when we filled in the registration form on the line.”

The details regarding the alleged fraud in Clark County go far beyond just provisional ballots. 

Within the affidavit, the whistleblower also claimed to have “personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail-in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van.”

From there, the whistleblower further alleged the following: 

“The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These individuals were not poll workers.”

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Meanwhile in Washington, DC, numerous Republicans recently sent a letter to AG Barr requesting that the DOJ look into the many allegations regarding voter fraud across the country. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC – Over three dozen House Republicans drafted a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr on November 6th, inquiring as to what the Justice Department is doing to “ensure the integrity of the voting and counting process right now.”

With looming questions regarding numerous states on whether there was anything afoul with the tallying of votes, Republicans from the House are trying to instill confidence in those concerned about the aforementioned.

 The letter in question was signed by 39 Republicans in the House in total, initially making note of that while the states are responsible for counting their own votes, it is the responsibility of the Justice Department that must act to guarantee that there was “integrity” in said counting:

“While each state runs its own election process, the United States Department of Justice is ultimately responsible for the integrity of federal elections. The American people must have the utmost confidence that the outcome of the presidential election is legitimate.”

Through extensive concern and confusion regarding mail-in ballots, reports of alleged deceased people voting and countless other allegations pertaining to tallied votes, the letter made mention that these “irregularities” require the DOJ’s attention:

“With widespread reports of irregularities, particularly in the vote counting process, it is time for you to use the resources of the Department to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that is fully consistent with state and federal law.

“And, it is also important that the process be completely transparent, so that the American people will have full confidence in the result.”

According to the drafted letter, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Voting Section is tasked with more than just making sure that every American eligible to vote has “access to the ballot box,” but also must guarantee that “no one’s vote is devalued by any means of voter fraud.”

There was also mention that “no local election official should be able” to bar legal observers from watching “ballot counting in a federal election” if either a state of federal court has ordered that such observation is allowed.

In the closing portion of the letter, the Republican House members left AG Barr with a few questions regarding what he and the DOJ intend to do to make sure that confidence can be attributed with the votes counted during the 2020 election:

“With that in mind, we request an immediate response to the following questions. What are you doing to ensure the integrity of the voting and counting process right now? Will you commit to using all the resources at your disposal to ensure that only legal votes are being counted and being counted in a fully transparent manner immediately?”

Republican Rep. Jim Banks, from Indiana’s 3rd District, shared the letter on Twitter, captioning the tweet with the following:

“I’ve joined 38 of my colleagues in writing a letter to AG Bill Barr requesting he investigate claims of voter fraud and make sure only all legal votes are counted in this election.

“The American people need to have confidence that the outcome of this election is legitimate!!”

The response online has been somewhat mixed with Rep. Banks sharing the letter, with some alleging they’ve heard of instances of election fraud while others claiming this is nothing but hearsay and frivolous accusations.

One woman on Twitter responded to the shared letter, writing the following:

“Thank you!  There are [sic] fraud in Michigan without doubt.  According to a woman who worked on the election night from 10pm to 5am the next day at TCF center in Detroit asserted that there is no way they were able to count 130,000 Additional ballots that morning in a hour or two.”

Another Twitter user was among those who thinks looking into allegations of voter fraud and the ilk from the 2020 election cycle constitutes as a “disservice” and many clamoring for a probe would be “disappointed” in what any sort of investigation would conjure up:

“You are doing your constituents a disservice to continue to amplify vague claims without any proof or substance…Investigate away if that makes you happy. I think you will be disappointed in the results.”

The allegations related to possible fraud having occurred during this election will likely be tied up through various courts for weeks or more.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we monitor this ongoing investigation.


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