The riots demonize blacks and help Trump's reelection

The riots demonize blacks and help Trump's
reelection 1

The murder of George Floyd raised legitimate anger over police violence, but sadly has been heavily abused by infiltrating political and anarchist groups. As they intermingle with those rightfully protesting against racism, looting and civil unrest will be blamed on blacks. The riots may end up creating more division and segregation between races than ever before.

Donald Trump may be the sole benefactor in the upcoming election, as sane Americans will want law, order and jobs – not Democrat-supported defunding of police and an anarchy of rude, white millennials who think it is good fun to burn cars, smoke marijuana and quit school.

A small example of the politicized undertones: Why is the current debate on slavery solely focused on black slaves sold to white owners? It only discusses racism from whites toward blacks, not the other way around. All whites are evil now? To insinuate this creates massive anger from the white population, as none of them was ever a slave owner.

Watching how white Americans who never owned slaves kneel in front of black Americans who never were slaves, demonstrates how people don’t think rationally.

As Confederate statues are torn down, one also wonders: Are we going to ask Egypt to change its name and tear down its African pyramids, which were built by slaves? And destroy mummies of pharaohs that had slaves? Isn’t that exactly what we criticized ISIS for doing just a couple years back, smashing ancient irreplaceable statues?

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Slavery began in Africa when the black tribes, in war with each other, sold the slaves they took from other tribes to the Arab slave traders. No white man was around. The Arabs then transported the slaves to the coast. Are we going to change the names of African tribes too? And tear down the dignity of their names in history? What about Muslim leaders who had slaves?

Hanne Herland’s latest book, “New Left Tyranny,” shows how the neo-Marxist New Left turned their back on historical Western principles and became a destructive authoritarian force.

White men who were unable to enter the harsh tropical environment in the interior of Africa waited with ships in the coastal regions for the Arabs who had bought slaves from other black tribes in the interior. Not only white men were involved in the black slave trade. African tribesmen and leaders, the Arabs and the white slave ship owners all bought and sold slaves.

In other words, everyone understands by now that there are forces at work that wants us all to hate each other. Many are so easily duped by feelings created by media propaganda and groupthink that they do not reflect upon how the race question now is being exploited to create even more hatred.

Antifa radical anarchists and white, young millennials with Black Lives Matter signs smash windows, loot and spray paint American cities with black American slogans. Who pays these youngsters?

While the Black Lives Matter funding is said to go to those in need, donations go directly to a fundraiser called “Act Blue” that has given hundreds of millions to white, rich Democrats running for president. Act Blue is actually a fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

Civil unrest now unravels in the U.S., step by step according to the exact same Gene Sharp manual, even with bricks and stones administered to the raging demonstrators, just like what happened at Tahrir square in Egypt in 2010.

“If blacks today had a real leader like Martin Luther King Jr., that leader would be protesting police violence against people irrespective of race. Such a protest would be a unifying act instead of a divisive one. People such as myself could again see hope for American society,” writes Dr. Paul C. Roberts.

What the Black Lives Matter movement does not sufficiently understand is that they are being used by billionaire white capitalists who aim to get to Trump.

Before coronavirus, the U.S. under Trump saw the lowest unemployment rates among blacks in over 50 years, and prison reforms that benefit blacks were carried out by the Trump administration. Black Americans are front and center in his administration.

When the record low black unemployment rate was announced during the Trump annual State of the Union address, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi even refused to clap. It apparently was nothing to her. She even tore up the Trump speech on national television. As we all remember, it was the Democrats that fought for slavery, supported the Confederate flag, joined the KKK and so on. The hypocrisy is baffling.

The aim is to end democracy in the United States, control Congress and taxpayers and assemble the power into the hands of the very few. And all of those are white and rich.


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