Tennessee Governor Recruiting Law Enforcement Officers Who Want to Leave States with “restrictive mandates”

Tennessee Governor Recruiting Law Enforcement Officers Who
Want to Leave States with “restrictive mandates” 1

By B.N. Frank

Last month, Florida governor Ron DeSantis offered vaccine resistant police officers $5000 to transfer to Florida.  Now Tennessee governor Bill Lee is actively recruiting law enforcement professionals for his state as well.

From News 5 Nashville:

Gov. Bill Lee works to recruit for Tennessee Highway Patrol

Gov. Bill Lee’s Office announced it is seeking to relocate officers leaving states with “restrictive mandates.”

By: Cole Johnson

Posted at 10:54 AM, Nov 18, 2021

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and last updated 11:54 AM, Nov 18, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Gov. Bill Lee is working to recruit officers for the Tennessee Highway Patrol leaving states with “restrictive mandates.”

He said there are qualified workers wanting to work in a state that does not get involved in personal health decisions.

“Our force is one of the most professional in the country, and we won’t get between you and your doctor. We believe you’d be a great fit for our state and will help cover your moving expenses,” Governor Lee said.

The recruitment is happening at a time where he said they have ramped up efforts to get more state troopers on the road.

While COVID-19 mandates were not outright mentioned in the release, it is easy to draw that conclusion.

This announcement is on the heels of the governor putting the special session’s omnibus bill into law. It changes how the state responds to COVID-19, tackling things like mask and vaccine mandates.

“In Tennessee, you’ll be given our full support and respect, and I’ll work to make sure your freedoms are protected. We stand with our law enforcement, and we’ll stand with you, too. If you’re looking for America at its best, come to Tennessee,” Gov. Lee said.

The governor also touted low cost of living and no income tax as perks of the state.

As pressure increases for Americans to take the COVID jab, some experts have already testified that the U.S. COVID death count is not being accurately reported.  Additionally, millions of COVID tests have recently been recalled due to inaccuracies.  Furthermore, a significant number of people who have taken the jab are still getting the virus.  Nevertheless, side effects, injuries, and deaths continue to be attributed to the COVID jab.

Tennessee Governor Recruiting Law Enforcement Officers Who
Want to Leave States with “restrictive mandates” 2

Some good news from the COVID front:

Activist Post reports regularly about COVID-19.  For more information, visit our archives.

Image: Pixabay

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