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Start your Monday smart: Coronavirus, G7, Stimulus deal

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More coronavirus closures
Events, political milestones, diplomatic gatherings and everyday routines are continuing to shift under the ever-changing threat of the coronavirus. Nationwide school closures go into effect in Russia on Monday, as well as statewide in Colorado and Nebraska. Florida’s Clearwater Beach is also closing on Monday, so don’t expect many more controversial spring breakers.
The Affordable Care Act turns 10
Monday also marks the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law. The Supreme Court is expected to decide the future of the much-debated Obama-era legislation sometime next term. But it’s never too early for political posturing on the subject, especially in an election year.
G7 goes online
The week’s G7 ministerial was supposed to begin in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, but the United States has decided to host the meeting online instead as a coronavirus precaution. The US is the diplomatic body’s leader this year, so they get to make the scheduling call.
Cruise ship passengers go home
Passengers from the beleaguered Grand Princess cruise ship who have been quarantined on three US military bases will be released on Tuesday and Wednesday. The passengers have been held at Travis AFB in Fairfield, California, at Miramar AFB in San Diego, California and at Lackland AFB in San Antonio since March 10.
Space Force equipment blasts off
The United Launch Alliance is scheduled to launch a rocket carrying a critical military communications satellite for the US Space Force on Thursday. If it goes on as planned, you can watch the webcast from Cape Canaveral, Florida here.
Turn down for Earth
On Saturday, people around the world will switch off their lights for 60 minutes at 8:30 p.m. local time in support of Earth Hour. The event promotes sustainability and urges people to consider ways to tackle the climate crisis.
Political goings-on
Republicans and Democrats will continue to debate a $1 trillion Senate-led stimulus deal to revive the coronavirus-ravaged economy. Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will likely spend the week in their respective home states, but political eyes will be watching Sanders for any announcement on his sputtering campaign.

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