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Protesting Anti-Racism: Views From HuffPost Readers

Protesting Anti-Racism: Views From HuffPost Readers 1

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“Trump ordered an assault against Americans. He should be arrested.”

— Kathy Rappaport

“Let’s hope that most people in the military understand who the real enemy of our country is.”

— Howard Studstill

“People who have lost their jobs, will be losing their homes and fighting [a] deadly virus and racism have not much else to lose. Trump better [get] a grip on reality because this is just the beginning of a modern day REVOLUTION.”

— GreenPalmTree

“The military and the police are ‘the people’ along with the protesters. This will split the military and the police. Some will side with the so-called president and some with the protesters. This is how civil wars start.”

— Jeff Hardwick

“‘Incompetent’ comes to mind, not ‘weak.’ Plus, a president should never speak in such a way.”

—  Duc Go

“Just listen to the language of this president. So very indicative of a man without any redeeming features at all.”  

— Douglas Taylor

“They didn’t go far enough. They should have resigned from the force. If they don’t see the problem with what those two cops did, they shouldn’t be carrying guns and badges either.”

—  Carlton Pringle

“So they’re going with the ‘We were only following orders’ excuse. That always works out well for everyone involved.”

— Paul Nesja

“Don’t let the dividers on these threads change the narrative. The disrupters and the protesters are two different groups. Don’t let this continue.”

— BJ Thomson

“Protesting is one thing; looting and arson are criminal activities.”

— Love The Mountains

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