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Practice your putting from home or the office with these fun golf deals

Practice your putting from home or the office with these fun
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You’ve been off your game lately.

Spring is here, and you want to be back outside on the green, but first, you need to improve your skills.

Don’t wait until you get to the course; practice beforehand so you can impress your mates.

We’ve rounded up five portable golf items to help you polish up your golf swing from the comfort of your home or office.

Longing for more ways to brush up your game? Check out these 15 golf accessories that can help.

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This 20″ x 96″ mat will fit right in with your living room, home office, or work office. It comes with a movable plastic cup to catch your ball and can be positioned at different shots and angles. The mat has a non-skid backing to help it stay put and can roll up easily for storage.

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A golf club hitting a ball on a strip of indoor green
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Get feedback on your putt with this intuitive Putting Studio. You’ll get a pressure putt trainer, pro putting mat, putting mirror, and pro putting gates. A Golf Monthly Editors’ Choice, this putt trainer returns correctly aligned putts to you and rejects poorly aligned putts by rolling them off to the side. The mat is foldable and comes with a drawstring bag so you can bring it with you to work (perfect for lunch breaks) or on business trips to squeeze in some practice.

A close up of a golf ball on a fake green
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No more bending over and retrieving your ball repeatedly thanks to this ball return. This battery-powered practice hole will automatically shoot your ball back to you so you can practice with swiftness. It’s lightweight and compact so you can use it practically anywhere.

A indoor gold green with a blue target at the end
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This 9′ x 2′ mat is designed to replicate a medium-to-fast green that you can practice with at home. It has a heavy, durable rubber backing to prevent slippage and lies flat on any surface. The mat has a stimpmeter reading of 8-9 and features printed alignment guides, target points, and distance markings every 10″. Need more room? Get this mat in 16′ x 2′ for $94.99 (12% off).

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