More New York City protests – Diners ‘entertained’ by violent crowds, naked fountain dancing

More New York City protests – Diners ‘entertained’ by
violent crowds, naked fountain dancing 1

NEW YORK, NY The night started with a party, the kind to which Black Lives Matter loves an invite. Scores of people joined in one of the happier-looking protest/celebration mashups of this vicious election season.

The scene was Washington Square Park in Manhattan, the day was Friday, three days after election day, and the party theme was “Donald Trump is Over.”

New Yorkers were out to party, declaring Joe Biden winner of the presidential election, despite serious questions regarding fraudulent activity. Turns out, it was just a typical night in the Big Apple.

One celebrant, for unknown reasons, decided to get naked and dance in the water fountain, then run around showing everyone what his mother gave him.  All while shouting to anyone who would listen:

“I’m Nevada!”

In online advertisements for the event, organizers announced:

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“The people are calling it!” 

In other words, they could not wait to see if the election was legally called in Biden’s favor to announce him as the winner over President Trump.

Those who attended the dance party then took to the streets before 10 p.m.  According to the New York Post, the happy people walked through neighborhoods of the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village, “cursing the police, Donald Trump and Joe Biden along the way.”

One of the attendees, Gail Ressler, did not know of the event in advance, but was intrigued by the street-side noise and decided to join in. 

She said:

“I could hear the noise outside, so I came outside.  There’s nowhere else I’d rather be — maybe Philadelphia.” 

Thankfully, the protests and parties did not result in any reported violence. Friday’s protests were unlike the ones on Nov. 4, when three women were arrested for allegedly kicking and punching police officers, and the one Nov. 5, in which a man allegedly strangled an officer with a chain.

On Nov. 7, when the media announced that they believed Biden had won the election, parties erupted to celebrate the president’s apparent defeat. 

In Harlem, some residents were heard yelling:

“Fuck you Donald Trump.”

There were also several demonstrations that stopped traffic for a period of time on Broadway, with the crowds dancing and spraying champagne to celebrate Biden’s apparent victory. 

Chase Rivera, who was seen excitedly riding a Citi Bike in the area, was stopped by reporters for The Guardian and asked his thoughts on the news of the election. 

He explained to them:

“We were on our way to a dictatorship [with Trump] . . . This is the happiest I’ve seen people in 2020.”

However, like many people who make the claim that President Trump is a dictator, they cannot provide one single, solitary example as proof.  In a dictatorship, the dictator kills those who oppose him, shuts down free speech, and imposes his rule through the military and the police.

The above is markedly different from what President Trump has done while he has been in office. Despite being under relentless attack from the mainstream media, celebrities, politicians and activists, the president has never had any opponent killed, to go to an extreme example. He fights his battles the civilized way, through the courts.  Exactly the opposite of dictatorial behavior.

Rivera also said that he was happy Biden was elected because he feels that he will handle the pandemic better than the president has.

He said:

“Biden and Harris have already spoken on the coronavirus and we need to get to grips with it.  Then I’m very excited for the Green New Deal, and that we will be part of the Paris climate accord again and take action on the climate crisis.” 

Here again, Biden and Harris have offered nothing different from what the president has done, and is doing, to combat the virus.  Except for one difference, the president is against shutting down the country over the virus, whereas Biden has spoken about instituting further lockdowns and mandatory use of face masks.

Biden also plans to repeal the ban on “majority Muslim nations,” among other things.

The mean-spirited celebrations were to be expected in New York City, which was solidly Biden territory, save for the Trump stronghold of Staten Island.

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November 4, 2020

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