L.A. County could get 84,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses by next week

L.A. County could get 84,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses by next
week 1

Los Angeles County will likely get 84,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in its first allocation from the state, hopefully by as early as next week, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Tuesday.

The county could receive a second round of doses in late December and might allocate some of those vaccines for nursing home residents and employees, Ferrer said.

The goal is to vaccinate as many essential healthcare workers as possible, in hopes of completing the first phase of the county’s vaccine plan by the end of January, she said.

After the county receives its third allocation of vaccines, it could start getting weekly allocations of vaccine, Ferrer said.


With COVID-19 infections surging to alarming levels, a vaccine is seen as an essential strategy for recovery, though it is clear it will likely take months for many people to get access. Priority is expected to be considered for older people, first responders, essential workers and those with preexisting conditions.

California reported 34,490 new daily coronavirus cases Monday, a figure much higher than any previous daily case count, according to data compiled by The Times.

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So large is the gap between Monday’s reported cases and the previous single-day record — set Friday, when 22,369 cases were tallied — that the difference of the two numbers, 12,121, would have ranked among California’s highest before the latest surge.

The record-shattering report coincides with when officials said they expected to begin seeing the consequences of travel and gatherings for the Thanksgiving holiday. The numbers also may foreshadow a time when daily infection counts equaling the size of a small city could be more the norm than the exception.


Over the last week, California has averaged 22,220 new coronavirus cases per day — a 78% increase from two weeks ago, according to The Times’ county-by-county tally of infections.

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