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Delta Airlines Bans UBL Killer Rob O'Neill for 'Not Sacrificing' by Wearing Mask While Eating Cheese Puffs

Delta Airlines has banned retired Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who was part of Operation Neptune Spear, the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. Delta reportedly banned O’Neill for failing to wear his mask on board, even though he was eating and drinking at the time. The mask mob came to get him anyway.

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It appears that posting a maskless photo with the saying “I’m not a p*ssy” is what put the airline over the edge, resulting in O’Neill being banned. No one noticed, much less objected to O’Neill on the flight at the time.

O’Neill ‘Unwilling to Sacrifice … for Fellow Humans’

New York Times editor Dan Saltzstein amplified the tweet, saying that he didn’t know O’Neill but – and this part is unbelievable – “…you’re not willing to sacrifice and be a little uncomfortable for your fellow humans (including that marine [sic] behind you)!”

SEALs make a career out of sacrificing and being uncomfortable for our sake.

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After he discovered how stupid his tweet made him look, Saltzstein deleted it. But, it turns out that screenshots are forever – for both tweets. O’Neill’s wife deleted his original tweet, too.

O’Neill’s Record of Selflessness and Leadership

For the record, besides being the last face seen by Osama bin Laden, as a leader of Navy SEAL Team Six, O’Neill was on the team that rescued “Captain Phillips” from Somali pirates and was among the team that participated in Operation Red Wings that rescued “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan.

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The man that the New York Times editor characterized as “unwilling to sacrifice” was presented with two Silver Star medals, four Bronze Stars with a “V” for valor, and a Joint Service Commendation medal with a “V,” in addition to three Presidential Unit Citations and two Navy and Marine Corps Commendations with a “V.” He earned many more awards, too numerous to list, but suffice it to say he’s one of the most decorated combat veterans of his generation.

As sacrifices go, we’re pretty sure he paid his dues, Editor Saltzstein.

O’Neill says he’s a million-mile traveler on Delta, but had a retort for the airlines. In one of the tweets his wife also deleted, O’Neill wrote, “Thank God it wasn’t @delta flying us in when we killed bin Laden … we weren’t wearing masks …”

O’Neill: Cheese Puffs and a Peaceful Protest

He told Fox Business that it was a “peaceful protest” as he ate his cheese puffs and drank water that the flight attendant, who can be seen in the picture, had just handed to the passengers.

I posted it as a peaceful protest to my Twitter followers and I’m pretty sure that’s still protected by a few of the amendments. Then the New York Post picked it up, the New York Times picked it up and put pressure on Delta.

O’Neill says Delta has a PR problem.

They’ve been accused of racism and anti semitism and I’d hate to have to add anti american to it.

Here Comes the Mob

Others claimed O’Neill was dissing the retired U.S. Marine sitting behind him, but O’Neill claimed he didn’t know the guy was there. He got flack from the fauxfended in the Twitterverse.

But Scott Huesing, Iraq War veteran, retired Marine and author of a book Echo in Ramadi, told O’Neill that the Marines have his back and that the incident made Delta look horrible. He suggested private jet pilots line up to give O’Neill a ride.

Actress-turned-professional-Leftist-scold Alyssa Milano even got into O’Neill’s grill, calling the war hero a “sociopath.” Geez, lady, it was just a joke.

O’Neill says he’s not anti-mask and had six with him on his trip. At the time he took the photo, one of them was in his lap to put on when he was done eating his cheese puffs.

He told Fox Business’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” that he’d like to talk to the CEO of Delta.

If someone felt uncomfortable, I’ll put the mask on. I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a problem being ordered to do it. I don’t think I violated the policy. I’d love to talk to the CEO, Mr. Bastian, about it.

O’Neill can dish it out on Twitter. He told the social media mask mob to “come get some” and eventually posted, “I am not the bad guy. I Killed the bad guy.”

So far, the Delta CEO has not reached out to O’Neill.

Combat, thankfully, didn’t cancel the life of Rob O’Neill. The Twitter mask mob sure is trying to destroy his career, though. How soon they forget.

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