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Coronavirus: San Francisco crosses 700 cases of COVID-19

Coronavirus: San Francisco crosses 700 cases of COVID-19 1

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Francisco crossed 700 on Thursday as health officials reported 48 new cases in the city.

Of the 6,374 tests from which the city has received results, 724 have come back positive for the respiratory illness. That’s an increase of 380 test results from Wednesday, slightly higher than the just over 300 per day the city has been averaging for about two weeks.

The 51-case increase represents a 7.1% increase from the previous day, and it’s taken nearly two weeks for the number of cases in the city to double.

The majority of cases — 57% — are among men, while the Latinx community appears to be the most disproportionately affected racial group in the city. They make up 15% of the overall population but 20% of San Francisco’s total cases. White people make up the largest portion of cases — 21% — but also the largest share of the population, two in five San Franciscans.

The city’s most recent hospitalization data is from Monday. It showed 90 residents were hospitalized with the virus, while 36 required intensive care units. The number of patients hospitalized actually decreased slightly from Saturday (84) to Sunday (81).

The death toll in the city remained at 10 Thursday. It is one of five counties in the Bay Area with double-digit fatalities from the coronavirus. More than 500 Californians have perished from the disease, including 116 in the Bay Area. The state on Thursday neared 20,000 total cases, with more than 4,200 in the Bay Area.

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