Coronavirus cases, deaths remain about average for the Bay Area

Coronavirus cases, deaths remain about average for the Bay
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California’s average daily death counts crept back up over the weekend after hitting its lowest point in more than three months on Friday, a sign that the deadly virus is far from contained.

According to data compiled by this news organization, California’s seven-day daily death average was about 65 after public health officials across the state reported 70 people had died from the coronavirus and 2,905 new infections were detected. California had experienced an uptick in coronavirus-related deaths back in early July, and by August the weekly average deaths climbed to its highest point at 145 deaths in a single day.

In the Bay Area, public health officials reported nine new deaths and 522 new cases, both numbers close to the 13.29 average deaths  and 430 average new cases per week bringing the area to a tall of 107,919 cases and 1,647 deaths from coronavirus.

Still the among deadliest counties in the Bay Area, Santa Clara County health officials reported no new deaths and 107 new cases, a little above the average 97.86 new cases and 3 deaths per week. The total number of cases in Santa Clara County is 22,419 and so far 357 people have died from the virus.

Alameda County, which reported one new death and 130 new cases, has a total of 441 deaths from coronavirus and 22,072 cases, making it the deadliest place in the Bay Area.

Marin, Sonoma, Solano and Napa Counties combined reported 116 new cases, below the average 130.71 cases per week. Those counties also counted four deaths from coronavirus, above the 2.29 average deaths per week, bringing the total number of deaths 341 in the four-county area. Officials in the four-county area say 23,685 people in total have been infected with the deadly virus.

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San Mateo County, with a total of 58 new cases and no new deaths, had an about average day for the week and now has a total of 10,510 coronavirus cases and 155 deaths.

San Francisco, which despite its population density has managed to keep the virus at bay, counted a total of 27 new cases and two new deaths, about average for the week. The total number of coronavirus cases in San Francisco was 11,609 and 123 people have died from the virus.

Contra Costa County reported 78 new cases and 2 new deaths, also about average for the week. A total of 17,624 people have contracted the virus and 230 people have died from it in Contra Costa County.

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