China’s Handling of the COVID-19 Plandemic Happens to be Very Profitable.

A leaked video of a purported talk with Harvard researcher Huang Wansheng at a private event in China in January has recently gone viral on the internet. Surprisingly, Huang disclosed that Beijing’s true motivation for enacting the zero-COVID policy is to enrich the regime’s elite interest groups. China, he added, is far behind the United States in 5G, quantum computing, and gene technology.

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Professor Tu Weiming, a Professor Emeritus and Senior Fellow of Harvard University’s Asia Center, has had Huang as a senior assistant since 1997. According to Huang, Beijing’s top officials purchased a one-way ticket for him for 170,000 yuan (approximately $27,000) in July 2020, six months after the pandemic’s outbreak, and invited him back to China to lead a project called “Pandemic Control Using Science and Technology,” which is directly under Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Why has the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) policy of “zero COVID” resulted in the current disaster? Huang responds that the CCP’s elite interest groups have profited handsomely from the virus by using mass PCR testing, vaccine R&D, and mass vaccination.

To demonstrate his point, Huang used information he recently got. Nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 alone has brought in 670 billion yuan (about $105.8 billion) to a Chinese business. In December 2020, Li Ling, a Peking University professor, bragged that pandemic management brought in 67 trillion yuan (about $10.58 trillion) in revenue in 2020.

Huang stressed that no other country in the world is performing pandemic control as effectively as China, and that China’s pandemic preventive measures are purely profit-driven for the CCP’s interest groups. The PCR testing sector employs many of the CCP’s top officials and business leaders. Because the testing industry makes significant profits from such high volume sales of test kits, Chinese authorities frequently mandate bulk testing for an entire district when only one or two cases are detected.

“Even the third shots or the fourth shots are mandatory. All these mandates are related to the interest groups behind them,” Huang said. At this point, another person was heard saying, “Then, this has become a serious problem. A public health issue has been turned into a political issue.”

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According to Huang, the US and European countries have learned that the omicron variant’s rapid dissemination can help them achieve herd immunity because of the variant’s moderate symptoms and the immunity it generates is effective against other variants. That’s why, according to Huang, many Western countries have opted to halt pandemic control measures in March and are looking forward to returning to normalcy once herd immunity kicks in.

Tens of millions of people in the United States were infected in a short period of time. Why didn’t there appear to be a public health emergency? Huang believes this is due to the superior medical system in the United States, which has a strong grassroots capacity, according to Huang. Huang lauded the American medical paradigm, describing it as “Point of Care.” According to him, a family doctor, for example, is capable of overseeing a patient’s complete rehabilitation.

He claimed that when power is concentrated, it leads to a concentration of interests. As a result, Huang claims, China’s medical resources are concentrated in huge hospitals, overburdening them. He believes this is one of the key reasons China is hesitant to loosen its restrictions, since its shaky health-care system is incapable of handling a significant number of patients.

Huang also discussed China’s information technology, particularly quantum computing, and gene technology.

He claims that humanity is still tens of thousands of miles away from having true quantum computers, as we are still far from the first step—having stable quantum bits, which is the initial requirement for quantum computing. Even the United States, let alone China, is still a long way from this point.

Furthermore, “all of the essential internet technology, from its origins to diverse applications, are in the hands of Americans.” “China is just a user,” Huang explained, “the world’s largest user.” “The saddest thing about China is that it has yet to contribute anything to the internet’s core algorithms.” 90% of all basic algorithms originate in the United States, with 10% each from the European Union and Japan. These algorithms are only used in China to develop programs.”

He also highlighted what he knows of gene technology’s frontier development in the United States, particularly disease-related studies.

“American medical specialists have figured out the mechanism of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders and diabetes by decoding 8,000 different proteins located inside the human cell.” As a result, Harvard Medical School declared to the world that treatments for these ailments will be available within the next five years,” he explained.

According to Huang, bioscience technologies are far more sophisticated than IT technologies, because IT is mostly based on applied mathematics, whereas biotechnology is founded on basic research. “In other words, there is no way China can catch up with the United States in biotechnology,” he stated.

Which is why Fauci and his constituents found themselves in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Because as we know, gain of function research was conducted at that location. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this “pandemic” is incomprehensibly profitable for those conducting research and providing vaccine doses despite peoples willingness to exercise their medical autonomy. People have forgotten the meaning of freedom, and they’ll no doubt pay for that. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but through faith in God’s grace we can find peace in the eye of the storm. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

China’s Handling of the COVID-19 Plandemic Happens to be
Very Profitable. 1

As the winter Omicron surge fades, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health revised the mask compliance obligations for the post-surge period, while a new state bill granting schools access to kids’ COVID-19 immunization records was introduced on Feb. 4.

Los Angeles County reported 15,427 new COVID-19 cases and 85 new deaths on February 4th. For the seven days leading up to Feb. 3, the daily average number of hospitalizations fell to 3,233, the lowest level in several weeks.

In the last seven days, the average number of daily new cases reported has been around 15,600, down from 28,000 the week before. The daily average level of positivity has likewise dropped to 8%.

However, the number of new deaths has remained constant, with dozens of individuals dying every day as a result of the CCP virus.

Barbara Ferrer, the director of the Department of Public Health, stated during a press conference on Thursday that once hospitalizations drop below 2,500 for seven days in a row, Los Angeles may be deemed post-surge.

Residents can go outside without wearing masks after the surge, including at outdoor events and outdoor spaces like schools and childcare institutions. Most indoor situations, including as offices, public transportation, and healthcare facilities, will still require masks.

“Mask wearing is a very effective strategy for reducing COVID-19 transmission. Thus, as we move through the short term, masking will continue to be a key part of the post-surge COVID-19 strategy, ” Ferrer stated.

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the United States. As the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 continues to decline, some citizens are calling for the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for indoor venues to be repealed. The Los Angeles City Clerk accepted a petition for circulation on February 3rd. The petition requests the city council to remove the need that people present proof of vaccination before attending specific interior spaces like restaurants and gyms, as well as outdoor mega-events.

According to the city clerk’s office, the petition requires around 65,000 signatures, or 15% of registered Los Angeles voters, to become effective.

According to public health organizations in Orange and San Diego counties, the Omicron variant has been on the decline for the past week.

On February 4, the Health Care Agency of Orange County reported 2,795 new cases, 746 existing hospitalizations, and 12 new deaths. According to the county’s Health and Human Services Agency, 3,736 new infections were reported, with 1,014 current hospitalizations and 29 new fatalities.

Despite the general decline in cases, democratic Assemblywoman Akilah Weber and San Diego school district officials unveiled a new measure on Feb. 4 that would enable school districts access to the state’s immunization registry to identify who has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination data for diseases like measles and mumps are already available to schools, but not for COVID-19.

Furthermore, the bill mandates vaccination providers to enter immunization data into an immunization registry, which has previously been voluntary and never required by law.

“This makes it very easy for the school districts, it makes it easy for the families. So we know who is out there, who has their immunization, who needs their immunization,” Weber explained.

Weber’s measure was introduced as San Diego Unified School District is fighting a lawsuit over its vaccine mandate.

Let Them Choose, the parent advocacy group, filed the lawsuit in October 2021, claiming that only the state, not the school board, has the authority to add a vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for on-campus learning, and that the district does not allow for personal belief exemptions as required by state law.

On Dec. 20, 2021, San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer tentatively ruled in favor of the parent advocacy group, and the school system appealed the decision the next day, requesting that the issue be heard by an appellate court.

“Weber’s bill is just kind of another example of the state really getting ahead of themselves and being too sure of themselves and overreaching,” Sharon McKeeman of Let Them Choose told CBS8.

If the bill is passed, it will go into effect the next school year.

Senator Richard Pan is a supporter of the bill, which was presented last week and makes COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for students attending K-12 schools in person.

This is what it looks like in the belly of the beast (LA), we have to assume that thousands of Americans with the correct political preferences are stuck in this hell hole taking care of loved ones, or are too poverty stricken to make their way out of this place. The decision for Los Angeles Unified School District to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations is a political power play by these tyrants. Because these children and their parents aren’t protected by religious exemption.

The left seeks to dismantle the closely held beliefs of true freedom loving Americans. 1 Peter 4:12-14 says: “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

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