Bill Simmons rips Aaron Rodgers as ‘classic narcissist’ amid COVID vaccine drama

Bill Simmons rips Aaron Rodgers as ‘classic narcissist’ amid
COVID vaccine drama 1

The pitchforks have been out for Aaron Rodgers after he misled fans and media about his vaccination status.

Rodgers received homeopathic antibody treatments, which the NFL declined to approve in lieu of vaccination for their COVID-19 protocols, and this past August answered that he had been “immunized” in response to a direct question about whether he was vaccinated. The Packers quarterback is out at least for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

Ringer founder Bill Simmons discussed the matter on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday:

“I think Rodgers is a diva,” Simmons said. “I think he’s been a diva the last couple years. I thought the way he handled the offseason was very diva-ish. He didn’t seem like a team-first guy to me. I didn’t understand why he chose the week of the NFL Draft to blow it up into an even bigger story.”

Simmons talked about Rodgers brooding over the Packers’ selection of Jordan Love when he is in his late thirties, and how the quarterback has acted like he’s on the Jaguars when he has a great team around him.

Bill Simmons and Aaron Rodgers on set of HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday”

“I’m gonna go even deeper: I think sometimes people get weird when they get older,” Simmons said. “I’m not saying always. But sometimes people who are single start to become a little narcissistic, and they starting seeing things through this lens of ‘me me me me me, what about me, everything’s about me,’ and to me he just seemed like a classic narcissist the last year. Everything was someone else’s fault. He took no responsibility. He honestly seemed to think he was going to be the Jeopardy! host which was insane.”

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Rodgers tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, and it was revealed through the media that he was unvaccinated despite the “immunized” claim.

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