Can you get coronavirus from a package?


The short answer is yes but the chances are probably rare.

The virus can live on various surfaces and can live longer on colder surfaces. Surfaces can remain infections from 2 hours to 9 days.

Many people are worried about, “How many people have touched my package or my mail?”, “My package came from China, should I be worried?”, “Who’s touched my food?”, “How many people have touched the gas pump, the atm, etc?”

The best way to alleviate your fears of touching surfaces is since the virus can live on survaces for a long time, it is a good practice to wash your hands with soap often, with warm water, and for at least 30 seconds. If someone who is visibly sick has touched a surface and they are sneeqing or coughing and you touch that surface, then touch your mouth, eyes, or nose you could become infected.

So its more likely to become infected in your everyday lives, and far less likey to become infected from a package from China that may have taken days, or weeks to get here.

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