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What's next for COVID-19 booster shots?

What's next for COVID-19 booster shots? 1

LI health officials: We’re ready for booster shots

Plans for booster shots hinge on what a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has to say about them at a meeting Friday. The CDC is expected to make a recommendation after the FDA weighs in.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. is advocating for the booster because it said some studies show its vaccine starts to become less effective over time. The company said a booster could help keep people protected against the virus, especially the contagious delta variant, which is now the dominant strain.

It’s unclear whether the boosters would be approved for everyone who has been vaccinated, or smaller groups such as health care workers and the elderly. The shots could be given at either six or eight months after the second dose.

“We’re still waiting for guidance, but I think that it is a high possibility that we will begin with health care workers and the elderly because they are reaching that six- to eight-month mark and are at the highest risk for exposure and consequences,” said Dr. Matthew Harris, medical director of the COVID-19 vaccination program at Northwell Health.

Newsday’s Lisa L. Colangelo has more on this story including what to know about booster shots and what local health officials say about distribution plans.

Plus, an FAQ on booster shots: With confusion growing about them, Newsday has some answers to pertinent questions.

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The number of new positives reported today: 480 in Nassau, 595 in Suffolk, 1,991 in New York City and 6,729 statewide.

The chart below shows the seven-day average positivity rate on Long Island during recent weeks.

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