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What to know about coronavirus booster shots

What to know about coronavirus booster shots 1

The coronavirus vaccine significantly cuts the chance of infection and hospitalization — and greatly reduces the chance of death. But the spread of the virus’ Delta variant is leading the U.S. government to consider recommending that an additional shot, called a booster, be given to shore up protection conferred by the vaccine. Here are some questions and answers.

What is a booster?

Should everyone get a booster shot for coronavirus — and if so, when?

Why is a booster shot being considered?

Would booster recommendations be for all three types of vaccines — Pfizer-BioNTech’s, Moderna’s and Johnson & Johnson’s?

Should I get a booster now?

Who would get boosters first?

How does protection conferred by boosters compare with immunity that came from viral infection from COVID-19?

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