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'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Episode 3 Live Blog: The Group A Playoffs Are Happening Right Now

'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Episode 3 Live Blog: The Group
A Playoffs Are Happening Right Now 1

Episode 3 of The Masked Singer Season 4 premieres Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET. We’ll be liveblogging the show below, in case you aren’t watching (or you just want to read our opinions on these over-the-top costumes and performances.)

And just like that, it’s already time for the playoffs on Season 4 of The Masked Singer—Well, at least that’s the case for Group A.

The remaining mysterious contestants from Group A including Popcorn, The Sun, Giraffe and the Snow Owls are set to take the stage and perform for panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger on the special “Famous Masked Words” episode of the Fox singing competition. As always, Nick Cannon will be on hosting duty, asking the troupe for hints as the panelists and everyone watching from home tries to guess who’s behind the mask.

Episode 3 is slated for some fun surprises too. For instance, “Robin” a so-called new contestant wearing a mask with Robin’s face on it is expected to perform, according to E! Online. Obviously, it can’t be the “Blurred Lines” singer since he’ll be on stage judging the performance. But we’ll all find out who this bizarre new contestant is soon enough.

Before the show ends, one of the contestants will be forced to reveal themselves while the remaining three contestants will move forward in the competition and join the top three of Group B—Crocodile, Baby Alien and Seahorses—who will compete in their own playoffs round next week. Once that’s squared away, we’ll finally get to hear a song or two from the Group C contestants, Squiggly Monster, Lips, Mushroom, Jellyfish and Broccoli.

Anywho, we’ll be on hand all night for episode 3 providing live blog coverage of each performance and crazy moment. If you need to catch up on the big reveals of Season 4 so far, you can check out our latest recap here.

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Stay tuned!

The mystery contestant Popcorn performs on Season 4 of “The Masked Singer.” The Group A playoffs will begin on the Fox singing competition on October 7, 2020. Michael Becker/Fox

The Masked Singer Season 4, Episode 3: Group A Playoffs Live Blog and Results


Heyyy y’all! It’s showtime! To kick everything off, our host Nick Cannon gives us a quick recap of all the shocking events of last week’s episode—i.e. Gremlin revealing himself to be Mickey Rourke before he was even eliminated. That was a Masked Singer first.

Now it’s time to get reacquainted with Group A. The Sun, Popcorn, Giraffe and the Snow Owls are competing for their spot in the Group A finals.


Nick introduces our Masked Singer Supreme Court justices and judges—Robin Thick, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong. Since Mickey revealed his identity sooner than he was supposed to, we never got to learn which of the panelists was accurate in their first-impression predictions last week and it turns out to be Jenny. She joins Robin and Nicole with one point for the Golden Ear trophy so far.


First to hit the stage is…um…The Robin? This season is turning out to be full of twists.

A new contestant takes the stage rocking a gigantic mask of Robin’s face and instantly starts a sizzling rendition of “Blurred Lines.” He’s definitely bringing the heat but his vocals certainly can’t compare to Robin’s. We can’t be too sure, but based on the little jokes he cracks ahead of the performance, we’re thinking it may be Joel McHale hiding under that mask.


Nicole says she knows exactly who it is, but Nick wants to do it the right way, encouraging the audience to chant, “Take it off.” Yup, we were right. It’s Jole McHale. He’ll be joining the panelists as a guest for the night.

Ok, now a real contestant is up to the stage. It’s everyone’s favorite snack, Popcorn. In her clues reel, she drops hints about her personal life, like the fact that she suffered from severe anxiety and bouts of depression until she found her voice. There are lots of 80’s relics, like a hair crimper, and an LGBTQ flag in the reel too. From the clues alone, everyone at the panelists’ table thinks it’s a musical legend hiding behind that mask. But we’ll have to wait until a quick commercial break to hear her actually perform.


Back from break and Popcorn hits the stage with a soulful cover of Harry Styles’ “Falling.” Her voice certainly sounds familiar, and she’s definitely got the performance skills of a music superstar. It all lands her a standing ovation from the panelists. “Your performance is better than mine,” Joel says.


This week, Nick brings out the clue-dropping drone to deliver a few major hints to the judges. The drone is carrying a little pink planet. Popcorn gives them a little explanation of what her clue might be.

“The second rock from the sun may be far away but it should bring you closer to me,” Popcorn says.


Joel thinks it may be Dionne Warwick, which everyone else automatically rules out because she was on the show last season. Then he switches his answer to Gaynor. Ken thinks its Katy Perry. Jenny suggests Vanessa Williams.


Up next is Giraffe. He’s got a lot of peaches floating around in his clues reel. Robin suggests that could be a Georgia reference. He also mentions defeating an “invisible predator” after dealing with a “terrible episode” that left him barely able to walk and talk.

He gives a swaggy little performance to the classic Kool and the Gang song “Get Down on It”—a lot different than the rap show he put on the last time.


The clue-dropping drone comes in and it’s just one domino with eight dots, leading Robin to thinks it’s Travis Barker under the costume. Joel wonders if it’s Jason Priestly or Scott Wolf. Nicole says she thinks is Shia LaBeouf and Ken, who goes on a whole tangent about the Transformers actor, agrees.


Even after a commercial break, Ken is still droning on and on about why he thinks the Giraffe is Shia. Geez Ken, we must move on! The Snow Owls are ready for their big performance!

In their hint reel, one of the owls drops clues about a messy breakup he endured while the other owl says she was given a queen’s opportunity that her twin owl really supported her through. Then the pair belt out a cover of “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Megan Trainor and John Legend in perfect harmony.


The panelists love the Snow Owls. Jenny says they gave a “loving performance” that reminds her of when she sings with her husband Donnie Wahlberg.

Another clue comes out and it’s a witch’s hat, and it leaves the panelists a bit stumped. Was it someone who appeared in a witch movie or show? Or maybe someone who appeared in the Broadway hit Wicked?

Ken says he was thinking the pair may have been Rob Schneider and his daughter Elle King, but the witch’s hat threw him for a loop. Now he thinks it might be Will Ferrell, who was in Bewitched. Maybe it’s Will and his Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga castmate Rachel McAdams? Joel thinks its Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, and Jenny agrees but suggests it could also be Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.


Nick asks the Snow Owls a fan question: Has Ken ever guessed who they could be? After going through a roster of movies and shows Ken has suggested the mysterious celebs behind Snow Owls may have starred in, it seems as though Ken’s guesses are about as far-fetched as it can get.


It’s time for the last performance of the night. It’s The Sun and she drops a few secrets about herself like missing out on her childhood because she “grew up in a fractured home.” The Sun delivers a heartfelt cover of “Praying” by Kesha. Her voice is certainly powerful. Hearing her belt out those high notes is giving us goosebumps, and it looks like the panelists love it too.


“I’m almost speechless, that was so captivating,” Nicole says, admitting that she was “tearing up” during the performance.

Another clue comes out about The Sun, and it’s an 8 ball. “Will this magic 8 ball help you conjure up my identity? Outlook not so hot,” The Sun says.

The clue isn’t super helpful to the panelists but it does make Jenny double down on her early theories that The Sun might be Demi Lovato. She was the main character in Charming, and she starred in Sonny With a Chance. Or maybe it’s Mandy Moore? Robin thinks it’s Katherine McPhee, another suggestion Jenny made earlier in the season. Nicole thinks it could be Carrie Underwood.


We’re at the end of the road for Group A playoffs folks. It’s time for everyone to vote on their favorite performances of the night.


We’re back from a quick break and the votes have been tallied. Who will be eliminated from The Masked Singer Season 4 now? Nick reveals it’s Giraffe. That means The Sun, Popcorn and the Snow Owls are headed to the next round.

Before we find out who’s behind Giraffe’s mask, we get to find out the panelists’ first-impression guesses from the last time Giraffe was on the show. Ken wrote down, but he says he’s switching his answer to Shia LaBeouf. Nicole guessed it was Dale Earnheardt Jr. and she’s sticking with it. Jenny’s first impression was Travis Barker but she’s thinking it might actually be Seth Green. As for Robin, he guessed Jaleel White, but he’s changing his mind too. Robin thinks it’s Travis Barker. Joel gives his final impression too, and he thinks its Jason Priestly.


So who’s hiding under the gigantic giraffe mask? It takes some help from Nick, but once the mask is off we learn it’s Brain Austin Green. Joel was pretty close with his guess.

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