Tennessee refuses to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in schools

Tennessee refuses to make COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in
schools 1

(LIBERTY LOFT) – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced that once the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, it will be optional for students in grades K-12.

Gov. Lee was asked during a press conference if he is in favor of a coronavirus vaccine being mandatory for public school students K-12, the governor responded by stating that he does not forsee any mandates for a coronavirus vaccine for school students in Tennessee.

“What I think about the vaccines is that they’re going to be very important for us in this state to curb the virus and ultimately, really be able to handle it,” Gov. Lee stated. “But vaccines are a choice, and people have the choice and will have the choice in this state as to whether or not they should take that vaccine,” he continued. “That will be our strategy and that is what we think will happen all across the state.”

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