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San Francisco Mayor London Breed breaks mask mandate at club

San Francisco Mayor London Breed was caught breaking her own strict mask mandates — to go clubbing with a Black Lives Matter co-founder.

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The Democrat, already under fire for her restrictive coronavirus rules, on Wednesday was photographed by a San Francisco Chronicle editor while singing and dancing in a packed jazz club — with no sign of masks.

“I chose to go to [the Black Cat] last night for my first indoor concert since the pandemic … and this happened,” Mariecar Mendoza tweeted of the mayor celebrating an unexpected partial reunion of Tony! Toni! Toné!

Breed, 47, also posed for photos in the club — smiling alongside BLM founder Alicia Garza, who also had her face completely uncovered.

Their behavior was in violation of Breed’s citywide mandate requiring well-fitted masks in indoor public buildings even for those fully vaccinated.

The only exception is while actively eating or drinking — yet Breed “spent the night dancing, singing along and posing for photographs without a face covering,” Mendoza wrote in the Chronicle.

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San Francisco Mayor London Breed (back row, left) was spotted singing and dancing without a mask — breaking the city’s most recent mask mandate.
San Francisco Chronicle/Polaris

Black rights campaigner Garza was also “up and dancing” during the unexpected performance by Raphael Saadiq and D’Wayne Wiggins, the editor noted.

Breed didn’t just pose for pictures without a mask on — she even spoke to the journalist about her seemingly flouting her own advice.

Breed told Mendoza that she tests for COVID-19 often and felt “reassurance” that “everyone who comes in here has to show proof of vaccination,” even though that group is not exempt from the mask mandate.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (back row-left) dances maskless at a show at the Black Cat bar.
San Francisco Mayor London Breed (back row, left) dances maskless at a show at the Black Cat bar.
San Francisco Chronicle/Polaris

“I’ve been very careful, not just because I want to set an example but because I don’t want to get COVID,” Breed told Mendoza, who admitted she was also maskless as they chatted.

“I also want to make sure that I’m not someone transmitting COVID to other people,” Breed said. 

“This entire pandemic has been focused on keeping people safe,” she said.

San Francisco mayor London Breed seen maskless at a show at the Black Cat bar.
A rep from Mayor Breed’s office said, “the mayor was excited to be out and had an incredible night.”
San Francisco Chronicle/Polaris

She did not, however, directly address her own orders, which stressed that even the fully vaccinated were at risk from the city’s “surge” in Delta cases.

Breed instead said she felt “honored and really in disbelief” at seeing “history in the making” with the Saadiq and Wiggins performance.

“The fact that we have not been able to enjoy live music in this way since the beginning of this pandemic made it even that much more special and extraordinary,” Breed told the Chronicle.

Her excitement did nothing to tame the outrage her club night sparked.

“Rules for thee but not for me,” one person tweeted, while others called it a “disgrace” given that children had to cover their faces.

“If everybody can party like that why must we wear masks in gyms?” another user tweeted, saying that local businesses were “struggling to keep their customer bases with the mask mandates.”

San Francisco mayor London Breed seen maskless at a show at the Black Cat bar.
People have reacted negatively to the mayor’s maskless night on the town, with one person commenting, “Rules for thee but not for me.”
San Francisco Chronicle/Polaris

Crossfit gym owner Danielle Rabkin told NBC Bay Area that if the mayor felt safe to remove her mask, so should everyone.

“She’s been very clear that everybody needs to do their part, we’re not out of the woods. San Francisco’s rules have been very restrictive, and I don’t see her playing her part in that photo,” Rabkin said.

“She clearly feels like it’s fine and safe to remove her mask, then let that be the rule for everybody.

“You’re not impervious to COVID any more than I am, so let the rules for you be the same as the rules for me.” 

A representative from Breed’s office later told ABC7 that “the mayor was excited to be out and had an incredible night.”

“She was with friends at her table, not wearing a mask while eating and drinking and enjoying herself. She knows health orders are hard and asks everyone to do their best to follow them.”

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