SABATINI: Nikki Fried Should Be ‘Immediately Subpoenaed,’ ‘Investigated’ For Suspending CCW Permits Of 1/6 Protesters

SABATINI: Nikki Fried Should Be ‘Immediately Subpoenaed,’
‘Investigated’ For Suspending CCW Permits Of 1/6 Protesters 1

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is calling for an investigation into the state’s far-left Democrat Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried on Tuesday, after Fried boasted of using the powers granted to her office by the NRA in 2002 to strip Jan. 6 Trump supporters at the Capitol of their concealed carry permits.

“In accordance with Art. 3, Sec. 5 of the FL Constitution, @NikkiFried should immediately be subpoenaed & investigated for this unlawful & politically motivated action,” Sabatini wrote on Twitter. “Although the House can only impeach for misdemeanors, we should immediately pass a law to strip her of all power.”

Sabatini’s tweet was in response to a tweet by Fried that proclaimed, “I just suspended the concealed weapons permits of 22 people involved in the insurrection against the United States of America instigated by Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.” As National File reported, the loophole that places the Division of Licensing – responsible for granting CWW licenses in the state – under the purview of the Florida Ag Commissioner is the result of an NRA lobbying campaign in 2002.

Article 3, Section 5 of the Florida Constitution states, “Each house, when in session, may compel attendance of witnesses and production of documents and other evidence upon any matter under investigation before it or any of its committees, and may punish by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding ninety days, or both, any person not a member who has been guilty of disorderly or contemptuous conduct in its presence or has refused to obey its lawful summons or to answer lawful questions.”

Sabatini is currently running to become a member of the U.S. House of Representatives on an America First platform, as reported by National File:

Sabatini announced his congressional run in a video posted to social media on Friday morning. “The spineless and corrupt Republican establishment turned its back on President Trump, and refuses to fight for our America First agenda, and it’s time we fight back,” Sabatini said in his announcement video.

“As Florida’s most pro-Trump state legislator, no-one has fought harder for the America First agenda, and now it’s time to bring that fight to Congress,” he added, calling on conservatives to join him “as we fight to take our country back, and to make America First again.”

The U.S. Army veteran is also responsible for introducing Florida HB 33, a landmark bill that cracks down the politically motivated censorship of Silicon Valley Big Tech platforms.

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