Protesters in Los Angeles shout profanities, threats at cops: ‘Pigs are pigs’, ‘We f- your wife.’

Protesters in Los Angeles shout profanities, threats at
cops: ‘Pigs are pigs’, ‘We f- your wife.’ 1

LOS ANGELES, CA – On November 4th, the day after the election, unhappy protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles, California, to express their displeasure, once again, with police officers. One report, from Fox, shows the protesters yelling obscenities at police, and claiming that they are sleeping with their wives. All, of course, in an attempt to provoke the officers into violence.

The Fox Reporter, Bill Melugin, tweeted:

“Protesters in the street at Pershing Square in DTLA.  Crowd yelling that “It doesn’t matter who the f*** is in office, pigs are pigs. Also: “We f*** your wife! 

“An unlawful assembly has been declared. LAPD giving them 3 minutes to clear or face arrest.”

In another tweet from someone in the street, a protester is heard yelling “While someone’s [expletive] your wife, you’re out here protecting people that don’t want to be protected in this country.” 

Of course, none of the protesters obeyed or heeded the warnings giving by the police to disperse after the crowd was ruled to be an unlawful assembly. Yet, they seem to not understand why police, after repeated warnings of what will happen if they disobey, move in to disperse the crowd.

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When members of the crowd refused to disperse, officers moved in and began making arrests. In all, three people were arrested in the chaos, two for failing to disperse when ordered, another for battery of a law enforcement officer.

This night of protests was far better than the night of the election, on November 3rd.  On that night, 40 protesters were arrested for various charges, stemming from the unlawful assembly that was declared by police near the Staples Center.

Members of the LAPD were forced to declare an unlawful assembly after the crowd allegedly became unruly near West Pico Boulevard and South Figueroa Street. Warnings could be heard from LAPD officers announcing in videos:

“At this time, anyone in the area is to leave immediately and follow all orders from any police officer.”

However, members of the crowd failed to obey the orders given by the police and defiantly stood their ground.  Officers were forced to move in and disperse the crowd, eventually citing 30 people for blocking an intersection and arrested 40 people for blocking train tracks.

The Los Angeles Times reported that another group of people were arrested near Washington Boulevard and South Garland Avenue around 11 p.m. They also said that roughly 50 people in total were arrested, although it is not clear if that is in addition to the previous 40 that were reported.

The LAPD had issued a citywide tactical alert which was designed “to ensure sufficient resources to address any incidents that may arise as a result of election day activities.” 

Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, had also previous issued a similar message and warning to those who had intended to riot and loot the city based on the results of the election. Villanueva vowed that there would be “zero tolerance” given to anyone committing those crimes in the county area of Los Angeles. 

He claimed the move was warranted after the riots that had occurred in the area following the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also pointed out the riots that had occurred outside of the Staples Center when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship.

Although the events following the national championship started out peaceful and jovial, they descended into rioting and looting.  In all, 76 people were arrested, and over 30 buildings were damaged during the melee. In addition, eight officers were injured and three rioters taken to the hospital for medical treatment after being struck by less lethal munitions.   

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November 5, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY – For the record, “protesters” and “demonstrators” don’t set fires – “rioters” do. 

But with designation aside, several hundred demonstrators took to the streets yesterday to support “Count Every Vote” in an apparent “celebration of justice, fairness and democracy.” 

At least 50 people were arrested, though, for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly and obstruction government administration. 

“Justice, fairness, and democracy” includes violence and arson?  Who knew?

 “One woman, 24-year-old Devina Singh, allegedly spit in a police officer’s face and was arrested at Seventh Avenue South and Leroy Street.  

Singh is from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, ironically Montgomery County, the center of the ballot dispute. She has prior arrests for resisting arrest and unlawful assembly and is a known protester in New York City.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio commented on the protests:

“We certainly have seen some of that earlier in the year. Last night,we saw relatively few people out. Certainly nowhere near what was projected that was raising concern.

I think we can safely say the vast vast majority of people simply want to see the election results counted fairly, they want to know the result as soon as possible and then we are in a position to move forward. 

I do not see a particular problem like you described. Clearly, what most overwhelming number of New Yorkers want is just a peaceful approach to this election dynamic, and the ability to move forward and move on.”

One protestor had an amazingly enlightening perspective:

“One thing that every American should agree on is that when you cast a ballot, when you vote in this country, it should count. It should be heard.

We should all be able to agree on that, Democrat or Republican. And when you win, you win. And when you lose, you lose. You have to go back to the battle of ideas and try to win more votes next time.”

John Miller is Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence for the NYPD.  He’s a former Fox News analyst and noted tactics displayed by these protestors mirroring those seen in Hong Kong:

“Something we’ve never seen before which is almost a hundred percent resisting arrest, and what we’ve seen on top of that is a tactic called de-arresting.  So not only is the person not compliant in being arrested, but a group of people come in to try to pull them away.”

The NYPD also announced the initiation of a looting task force designed to work specifically around protests and demonstrations.

In related protest news, the Oregon National Guard was activated by Governor Kate Brown, with the specific mission to quell disturbances in the Portland area.

Reports of widespread violence were common in Portland, with several arrests made.  Arrests were also made in Minneapolis and the aforementioned New York City. 

Over 100 events were planned in major cities like Portland, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, the large majority organized by groups Protect the Results and Indivisible and Stand Up America.  Both organizations are related, and a coalition of more than 165 grassroots organizations, advocacy groups and labor unions.

Other examples involved demonstrators in Philadelphia, who were seen holding signs that said “Count every vote.”  Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Chicago for a “Trump out! Power to the people!” protest.  And the Los Angeles Police Department announced for the second day in a row a citywide tactical alert “to ensure sufficient resources to address any incidents that may arise as a result of Election Day activities.”

4 protestors were arrested in Denver in clashes with police.  Police had received reports of vandalism, including broken windows and the painting of graffiti, in downtown Denver.  They were arraigned on charges of suspicion of criminal mischief and other related charges.  It is reported that officers confiscated a pistol, a knife, a hammer, and bear spray.

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