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Protesters gather outside home of assaulted journalist after arrest of Heshy Tischler

Protesters gather outside home of assaulted journalist after
arrest of Heshy Tischler 1

Dozens of noisy protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn home of an Orthodox journalist on Sunday night in reaction to the arrest of activist Heshy Tischler for allegedly inciting an unruly mob to attack him.

“No Heshy, no peace,” the protesters chanted at Jacob Kornbluh, a reporter for Jewish Insider who was assaulted last Wednesday during Borough Park protests over coronavirus restrictions.

Another man shouted into a bullhorn and passing cars honked their horns in an apparent show of solidarity with the group who appeared to be pinning the blame for Tischler’s arrest on the victim, Kornbluh.

Tischler, who is also Orthodox, allegedly caused the attack on Kornbluh after some in the community were upset about the journalist’s reporting on the anti-lockdown protests.

The fan account of Tischler, who was arrested earlier Sunday night on charges of unlawful imprisonment and inciting a riot, promoted the protests outside Kornbluh’s home.

Police responded to the scene to protect the building as the crowd of about 100 gathered outside.

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He was set to turn himself into police custody on Monday and claimed he was “tricked” with an earlier arrest.

Tischler was awaiting arraignment early Monday morning. He appeared to share a message through the administrator of his fan account, claiming his rights were being denied.

“Urgent Message from Heshy: They are denying my rights to see a judge tonight. Deblasio? DA Eric Gonzalez?” the tweet read.

“Update from Heshy: Keeping me here for the night and delayed my processing of the paperwork by the mayor and DA. Political stunt. Will not stop fighting for you,” the post read.

Kornbluh, meanwhile, thanked his supporters in a tweet that was sent out as protesters were still outside his home.

“Ty folks. I love you all,” he wrote.

The journalist was punched and kicked last Wednesday by an angry crowd who screamed at him, calling him “Nazi” and “Hitler.” The unruly protesters appeared to be egged on by Tischler.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Rosner 

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