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Jerry Jones: Player Protests Are 'Genuine Ask for Help'

Jerry Jones: Player Protests Are 'Genuine Ask for
Help' 1

It’s possible that no one has done more of a turnaround on their anthem stance, than Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. In 2017, Jones said that if any of his players protested, the Cowboys would not play. Fast-forward nearly three years and now Jones says that the anthem protests are an “ask for help.”

Headlines were made recently when it was learned that Cowboys players had been given the “green light” to protest during the anthem this year. News that prompted President Trump’s second son, Eric Trump, to tweet that “Football is officially dead.”

Jones explained his evolving views on the subject during a radio interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas Tuesday morning.

That is a huge issue. Huge. You know by just the nature of the way that I run the team, how much I appreciate the interest that’s in the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I know there’s interest just because they want to see us get beat, but still the big interest is there. I’m very sensitive to that. That’s exactly why I have said that I want our players to be very sensitive to just how important it is to the majority of our fans, more than any other team, the majority of our fans how sensitive they are recognizing what this great country is and what the flag stands for.

Everybody knows where I stand, and there’s no equivocation there at all. I feel fortunate to be a part of the entity, the Dallas Cowboys, and a sport that has that much interest. Consequently, I want everybody to understand that if any player that is standing out there has a serious, serious, serious awareness of the kind of sensitivity that is there, and they ask for help with that in mind. In a way that you would ask for help. It’s not good to be obstreperous or anything if you’re asking people to see through your eyes and see it in your way. It’s important to show the kind of grace. I’m very confident that on both sides, our players as well as our fans, that we can come together for grace.

It’s all about trying hard to move the ball forward to see where the other guy is coming from. Not necessarily to agree, but to see where he is coming from. I hope the Dallas Cowboys can be part of that just because that’s of interest in what we’re talking about.

Jones added, “I would expect the Cowboys to show great sensitivity, and I hope fans will receive it, however each individual presents it, that it’s a genuine ask for help, because right now in our society, we’ve got some things we need to address.”

Cowboys defensive tackle Dontari Poe has already said that he plans to protest during the anthem this year. The cowboys have never had a player protest during the anthem before, it appears that will change this year.

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