George Floyd’s Girlfriend Says He Was With Drug Dealer Before Arrest, Thought She Would Die After Popping Pills With Floyd

George Floyd’s Girlfriend Says He Was With Drug Dealer
Before Arrest, Thought She Would Die After Popping Pills With
Floyd 1

George Floyd’s girlfriend identified the other passenger in the car with her and Floyd as their drug dealer, and revealed she once took pills with him that she thought would kill her.

Courtney Ross took the stand during the trial of Derek Chauvin on Thursday, who is currently charged with the murder of George Floyd, a black man who died during an arrest in Minneapolis last summer, sparking off “Black Lives Matter” riots and protests across the country.

As National File reported, Floyd was arrested for allegedly passing off a fake $20 bill when attempting to buy cigarettes from a corner shop:

Before the police arrived, Floyd spent between 20 and 30 minutes in a Mercedes Benz car with his friends. “While they were in the car, Mr Floyd consumed what were thought to be two percocet pills [later revealed to be a mixture of meth and fentanyl],” Nelson [Chauvin’s lead defense attorney] said in his statement, revealing that his friends will later testify that “Mr Floyd fell asleep in the car, and that they couldn’t wake him up.” When confronted by police, “Mr Floyd put drugs in his mouth in an effort to conceal them,” Nelson said, adding that later surveillance videos from across the street show that there is evidence of “further concealment of controlled substances.”

Ross was one of the friends in the Mercedes Benz with Floyd at the time. When questioned by Nelson, Ross, who used to be Floyd’s girlfriend, confirmed the identity of the other passenger as Mr. Morries Hall, revealing that he was their drug dealer. “And this is the person you and Mr. Floyd had previously purchased controlled substances from?” Nelson asked, to which Ross replied in the affirmative.

Hall, 42, had previously implied in interviews immediately following the death of Floyd that he was “going to be his voice,” but on Wednesday evening filed a surprise motion asking not to be called in the trial, and insisted that he would invoke the Fifth Amendment if he was brought to be questioned.

Further testimony was discussed in the trial, with Ross describing that she took some pills in March that kept her up and didn’t feel like regular pain pills, and a week before Floyd’s death, they acquired some more pills that made her feel the same way. When Ross was interviewed by the FBI, she said that after taking those pills, it made her feel like she was going to die, Nelson revealed.

Following this testimony, Ross also revealed that Floyd’s pet name for her was “Mama,” which she was saved in his phone under. In the infamous video of Floyd’s arrest that went viral after his death became known, he can be heard crying out for “Mama” – media speculation at the time jumped to the conclusion that he was calling out for his late mother, however, this new revelation suggests Ross may have been the focus of Floyd’s attention instead.

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National File will continue to follow Chauvin’s trial.

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