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Dad refuses to open bean can for daughter, enraging Twitter

Dad refuses to open bean can for daughter, enraging
Twitter 1

(FOX NEWS) — Two days into the New Year and a father already has enraged Twitter users with a tale about how his child learned to use a can opener, and now he has apologized for it.

Musician and podcaster John Roderick, 52, shared the unconventional way he taught his 9-year-old daughter how to open a can of baked beans. The lengthy 23-part story was shared on Saturday evening and quickly went viral due to its do-it-yourself attitude.

“So, yesterday my daughter (9) was hungry and I was doing a jigsaw puzzle so I said over my shoulder ‘make some baked beans.’ She said, ‘How?’ like all kids do when they want YOU to do it, so I said, ‘Open a can and put it in pot.’ She brought me the can and said ‘Open it how?’” Roderick began his Twitter thread, which has since been deleted. “’With a can opener!’ I said, incredulous. She brought me the can opener and we both stared at it. I realized I’d never taught her to use it. Most cans now have pull-tops. I felt like a dope. What kind of apocalypse father doesn’t teach his kid how to use a manual can opener?!?”

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