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Cuomo's mask double-reverse, police reform

Cuomo's mask double-reverse, police reform 1

Cuomo pulls a mask double-reverse

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s reversal regarding lifting the mask mandate for staff and students inside public schools, regardless of vaccination status, is one that I wholeheartedly welcome, despite the political motives behind his premature announcement and abrupt recantation [“Cuomo: Masks won’t be needed outside schools,” News, June 8].

Lifting the mask mandate inside public schools, before herd immunity is achieved, is the equivalent of a celebratory spiking of a football on the 5-yard line. Why not wait until we are in the “end zone”?

Achieving a 70% to 80% vaccination rate, which some project will occur on Long Island this summer, lays the groundwork for a responsible mask-free reopening of public schools in September.

Carolyn Faggioni, Bellmore

As the parent of a school-aged child who has cystic fibrosis, I was particularly appalled by recent local protesters against school mask mandates, chanting and holding signs reading, “Let Them Breathe” [“Call for end to school masks,” Letters, May 27].

Unless they walk in the same or similar shoes, these parents should be grateful for their children’s healthy lungs and ability to breathe easy rather than dramatizing the effects of wearing a mask.

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Emily Cianci, Nesconset

Look for excellence, not perfection

If perfection is the goal of organizations demanding police reform, they all will be disappointed [“10 named to police diversity panel,” News, June 4]. Humanity by definition is imperfect. Of course, the ultimate goal should be excellence and ongoing improvement of training. Every profession, every human is imperfect.

If police are to be held to a perfect standard, then citizens’ behaviors and actions should be held to that same perfect standard as well.

The media must also report evenly, fairly and with balance if we want our terrible divisions to begin to heal.

Bob Sommers, East Islip

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